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August 25, 2012

Mohawk Nation News: Obama, Buffalo Soldier Chief





Mohawk Nation News
MNN. Aug. 23, 2012. US President Obama obeys his masters just like the Buffalo Soldiers. So grand is the illusion of freedom that they don’t’ even know they’re still slaves. According to the myth, the Buffalo Soldiers were freedom fighters.
In 1865 the Civil War was over. US President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves. [Emancipation Proclamation]. White soldiers were deserting because they were terrified of fighting Indians. In 1866 the 10th Cavalry Regiment of Black soldiers was set up at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. Lincoln promised the Blacks their freedom, 40 acres of our land and a mule, which they never got.
Over 150,000 joined, to prove they were just as blood-thirsty as their white masters in stealing from us and murdering us without mercy.

As former victims of racism, the Buffalo Soldiers became the champions of rape, genocide, brutality and mass murder of innocent people. They took pride in killing people who never did anything to them. They forgot all about the help we gave them because slavery is a violation of our Great Law. The Choctaw, Cherokee and Shawnee helped them escape from their slave masters to the north.

We were called “non-reformable savages”. They were told there is a time when it is okay to kill Indians and those who did so were a force for good. With pride and fervor, they attacked us 127 times to try to exterminate us.
Between 1866 to 1890 ten Buffalo Soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for slaughtering our men, women and children. They were at the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890.
General Colin Powell was inspired by these hired thugs. He kept a statue of a Buffalo Solider in his office and called him the “wind beneath my wings”.
Obama is the Buffalo Soldier Commander-in-Chief who brags about murdering, torturing and butchering anyone he chooses.
As a Mohawk Rotiskenrakete said, should a civil war break out in the US, he felt that, “the Buffalo Soldiers would join their masters”. They always do what they’re told. The invaders and forced invaders will probably stand together. The mule and everything they were promised, they will not get!
Today websites are devoted to their exploits for protecting white settlers and starving and killing Indigenous. Every year they celebrate at Fort Riley, Kansas, to remind their white masters, “Look! We’re still here, ready to stand with you”.
Bob Marley confirms this in his song, “Buffalo Soldiers”,
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