Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

October 26, 2015

Sacred Oak Flat: Apache youth Naelyn Pike video by Christine Prat

Photo by Christine Prat

Oak Flat: interview de Naelyn Pike, 17 septembre 2015 from Christine Prat on Vimeo.

Video interview with Apache youth Naelyn Pike, 16, at Oak Flat by Christine Prat, English with French subtitles

Naelyn Pike, 16 ans, Apache San Carlos, petite-fille de Wendsler Nosie, explique en quoi Oak Flat est sacré et d'importance vitale pour les Apaches, et parle de son combat

Special thanks to Christine Prat and her husband Theo for our visit to Oak Flat. -- Brenda, Censored News

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Unknown said...

This keeper of the Mother Earth, Ms. Pike, who walks the walk and talks the talk has truth rising from her words. Listen as her truth speaks against the injustice of Oak Flat and her hope for unification of Indigenous Peoples\tribes everywhere suffering from corporate and government intrusions of all kinds.. Listen as she lays the truth out powerfully for us to understand. Thank you Ms Pike for leading us in the right direction with your activism. Sincerely, Harold G.Carpenter, Jr.