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August 20, 2018

Navajo Councilman Wants Half Million Dollars for Attorney to Keep Dirty Coal Power Plant Operating

Navajo Councilman Wants Half Million Dollars for Attorney to Keep Dirty Coal Power Plant Operating

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Navajo Councilman LoRenzo Bates wants the Navajo Nation to spend a half million dollars to keep a dirty coal fired power plant operating. The proposed $500,000 would be for a contract attorney to negotiate a new owner for the power plant. Navajo Generating Station  has been one of the dirtiest power plants in the world.
Located on the Navajo Nation near Page, Arizona, the power plant pollutes the Navajo Nation and Grand Canyon region. It burns coal from Peabody Coal's Kayenta Mine. Peabody orchestrated the so-called Navajo Hopi relocation to clear Navajos off of Black Mesa for its mining operations.
Peabody Coal and Navajo Generating Station have resulted in 40 years of misery for Dine' at Big Mountain and elsewhere on Black Mesa, causing relocation, draining of the aquifer and springs, and widespread respiratory problems.
While Dine' suffer the pollution, the electricity goes to light up southern Arizona, while depleting precious water sources on the Navajo Nation. Meanwhile, most Dine' in the area are forced to haul their water and live without electricity.
The proposed half million dollars is for an attorney to negotiate with the potential new owner, Avenue Capital LLC, Middle River Power LLC.
LoRenzo Bates is councilman serving. Nenahnezad, Newcomb, San Juan, Tiis Tsoh Sikaad, Tse’Daa’Kaan, Upper Fruitland. 

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Eligible for Committee Action Beginning August 22, 2018

Legislation Number:  0281-18

Legislation Title:  An Action Relating to the Budget and Finance Committee; Approving a Budget Reallocation in Fixed Cost Accounts

Legislation Description:  This legislation approves a budget reallocation within the fixed cost accounts.

Last Updated:

Sponsor:  LoRenzo CBates

Co-Sponsor(s):  N/A

Status:  5 Day Hold

Executive Branch (164/SAS No.):  N/A

Vote Requirements:  Standing Committee - Two-Thirds Vote of Full Membership

Legislation Entered By:  MNez ADMIN

Approved Committees                                               
  1. Budget & Finance Committee

OLC Number:  18-470-01

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