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November 17, 2018

AIM-WEST Annual SF West Coast Conference Summit November 17-18, 2018

Saturday, today, at AIM West
Photo by Tony Gonzalez 
By Tony Gonzalez
AIM West
Censored News

Location 2969 Mission Street
San Francisco


Welcome all my American Indian Movement-West (AIM-WEST), an inter-tribal non-profit human rights organization based in San Francisco is pleased to welcome everyone to its annual AIM-West Coast Conference/Summit in San Francisco beginning Saturday, November 17 and Sunday 18th from 9 am to 5 pm.  Coffee, rolls, fruits and lunch will be provided.  The Conference will be held at the ANSWER COALITION Office located at 2969 Mission Street/26th in the Mission District.

In solidarity this year with the 50th Anniversary of the American Indian Movement (AIM) 1968-2018, the AIM-West Coast Conference is dedicated to the memory of AIM co-founder Nowa Cumig ("In the Center of the Universe") aka Dennis J. Banks, (Ojibwa Nation) who passed (4/12/37-10/29/17) to spirit world one year ago on October 29th.  A Chanupa/Pipe ceremony will be held commemorating his life and the legacy he left at the opening of the Conference starting at 9 am.  The Mejica Traditional Teo-Kalli Danzantes will lead in the spirits with drum and sage at 8 am to bless and welcome all participants.  Flowers and Banners, and All Drums are Welcome!

Long time friends of DJ Banks such as AIM spiritual advisor Fred Short, Long Walkers like Wounded Knee DeOcampo, Lee Polanco, including Wounded Knee 73' Veteran Ms. Jessie Riddle, and many others from miles around will par-take in the solemn occasion.  There is no more grieving here on this day.  Instead we encourage all our relations, friends and allies to share their thoughts, tears of joy, or experiences and moments they had with Comandante Dennis Banks, including his vision of what he perceived would be best for the Movement of the Peoples to carry forward.  We extend our hand in friendship to all.  The public is welcome

                                                                                                                                                                                 AGENDA (subject to change)
Monday, November 17th:

8   am     Teo-Kalli Traditional Mejica Danzantes - 

9   am     Pipe ceremony one year since the passing of AIM Leader, Dennis Banks -

11 am     Welcoming words and introduction to the AIM West Coast Conference - Roll Call and any changes and additions to the two day program of events -

12 noon                                        LUNCH (Potluck, bring to share)

12:15     FILM:  "Ojibwa Warrior" The Life and Times of Dennis J. Banks…78 minutes, 2018 by NCI and OWP

1:45       Opening Statements and Solidarity with AIM 50th Anniversary from friends and organizations -

              National and International solidarity speakers - also cite issues of concern on agenda for (a) panel discussion and (b) preparation of strategies and resolutions for action (tomorrow);

              Panama - Guest Speaker, Puksu Igualikinya, Kuna Nation;
              Caravan Report back from Mexico, Gloria La Riva

2:45                 BREAK 

3 pm     Post Elections - 2018 tally the score…and continue voter registration in 2020 -

             California state of affairs -  Burning of homes, whole villages, crops and animals -

             Ohlone and Sacred Sites and Shell Mounds -

             Amah Mutsun and Juristic Gravel Project -

             Indian Canyon and cultural center -

             Mercury in the Bay, water quality and health and well-being -

            18 Unratified Treaties -

            NAGPRA - Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act - UC Berkeley with thousands of ancestor's bones

4:30    Closing prayer/blessings

Sunday, November 18th:

9:30 am  Border Wall and the Militarization along the border - David Garcia, Tohono'Oodham Nation -

10:15     Child Development and Code Talker relations - Jean Whitehorse, Navajo Nation -

11 am    Human Rights Defender Leonard Peltier and Clemency Campaign -

12          Noon                     LUNCH    Film  "Dolores"

1 pm      Mascot and Racism in Sports -

1:45      Extractive Industries, Keystone XL and DAPL, Divestments and Public Banks -

2:30     International and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2019 -

3 pm   Access to media, U streaming, and Live Streaming events, marches and protests - (Frank Sterling?)

3:30    Youth Suicide, gang prevention, Restorative Justice and police violence -

4:15    Raffle….

4:30    Closing comments, prayer/blessings to all my relations!


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