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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Urgent Action -- Transfer Support for Leonard Peltier

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Dear Friends and supporters,
At our legal visit yesterday, Leonard told us that his case manager had submitted his request for a transfer on Wed, 1-2-19. He was cautiously excited and felt his transfer could happen within a few months BUT he didn't rule out the fact that his transfer might have to be fought in the courts.
We put together this information for you to send letters of support for Leonard's transfer. There are suggested letters, as well as points of information should you care to write your own letter.
Thank you for your support and if you get a return reply we would appreciate it if you would share it with us.
ILPDC Board and National Office
Email, fax, call or write sample letters:
Email: GRA-DSC/
Phone: 972-352-4400
Fax: 972-352-4395
Sample Letter:
To whom it may concern:
Leonard Peltier #89637-132 has requested a transfer from the facility at Coleman, Florida to the facility at Oxford, WI. I am writing to support Peltier's transfer.
The reasons for transferring Peltier to Oxford include:
Oxford is approximately 1,300 miles closer to Peltier's home and family.
Oxford is closer to the Native communities related to Peltier.
Peltier has multiple medical issues some extreme and potentially life threatening.
Oxford is in proximity to the Mayo Clinic and Federal Medical Clinic in Rochester.
Transfer from Coleman to Oxford is therefore consistent with the spirit and intent of BOP policy and will serve to allow more family visitation and improve medical services to Peltier. Therefore, the transfer should be permitted.
Dear Madam/Sir;
I am writing to express my support for the transfer of Mr. Leonard Peltier 89637-132 to FCI Oxford WIS. Mr. Peltier is approaching his 75th birthday and had done over 44 years in Federal Custody. It is time that he be assigned a Federal facility closer to his family and an expert medical facility, like the Mayo Clinic.
The Oxford Facility is within a day's drive for Mr. Peltier's family in MN & ND and only 2 ½ hours from the Mayo clinic, which will provide the best health care necessary for the elder Mr. Leonard Peltier.
Thank you for considering Mr. Peltier's request for a transfer to FCI in Oxford.
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