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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Running in from the north to Oak Flat: Brophy Native American Club in Flagstaff is off and running


By Russ McSpadden on Twitter.

By Russ McSpadden on Twitter: "The students of the Brophy Native American Club have begun their 188-mile run to Oak Flat from Flagstaff at the base of the San Francisco peaks. By the end of the day, they will drop off the Mogollon Rim to the East Verde River." Earlier, Russ said, "I'll be joining the students of the Brophy Native American Club as they run 188 miles from Flagstaff to Oak Flat starting Thursday. The run is a prayer & a protest. You can meet them to march the last 4 miles Saturday at 10 am at the Magma Ave Trail Head in Superior." Today's video on Twitter.

"Just a little chilly out here." Photo credit Brophy Native American Club of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Running to the Apache Stronghold at Oak Flat on Thursday.

Youth for Oak Flat: Spiritual Run in Defense of the Sacred
Watch video below

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