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April 13, 2022

Elbit Shut Down in London -- Elbit Constructed Spy Towers on Tohono O'odham Nation

Palestine Action shut down Elbit Systems in London today at
Elbit's headquarters on the Kingsway.

Elbit Shut Down in London Today -- Elbit Constructed Spy Towers on Tohono O'odham Nation 

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
April 12, 2022

Elbit Systems built the spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation. Traditional O'odham opposed this, but the U.S. government and the Tohono O'odham Legislature approved the spy towers.

The US Border Patrol agents now use the live images from the spy towers to track and stalk O'odham on their homeland. The tower data is transmitted to the agents' laptops. The most vulnerable are isolated O'odham women, children and elderly, on the O'odham homeland on both sides of the border.

At the same time, three U.S. Border Patrol agents in this area -- the Tucson, Arizona,  sector of the U.S. Border Patrol -- have been charged as serial rapists.

Today, in London, they are shutting down Elbit.

Elbit, an Israeli defense contractor, is responsible for constructing the towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation, Apartheid security in Palestine, global human rights abuses, and manufacturing killer drones.

Palestine Action said, "Following the killing of four Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces including a 16-year-old boy and a 47-year-old, partially blind mother of 6, Palestine Action shut down the London HQ of Elbit Systems."

"Palestine Action shut down the London headquarters of Israel's largest arms company, Elbit Systems. Activists have doused the site in red paint, exposing Elbit and its criminal trade." 

Elbit Systems manufactures the Hermes 900 military drone, which is used frequently for the repression, surveillance and murder of Palestinians.

"When people talk about Mandela and apartheid and what they would have done if it was happening now.THIS! What you are doing right now is what you would be doing because apartheid is still happening right now in Palestine. Don't believe the lie that you are powerless to oppose the British role in this," wrote one supporter on social media.

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Peoples Dispatch reports:

"On Tuesday, April 12, activists of Palestine Action in UK defaced the London headquarters of Israel’s largest military and arms company, Elbit Systems, whose weapons and surveillance technology has been systematically used against Palestinians in occupied territories. Four activists have been arrested after they halted the operations at this site using a body ‘lock-on.’"

“Elbit’s Hermes drones were one of the two main unpiloted aircraft used to attack people in Gaza during Israel’s 2009 Operation Cast Lead attack, which killed over 1,400 Palestinians,” according to Corporate Watch. “Elbit’s 7.5 Skylark mini-UAV.. was heavily used for support of ground military actions in Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, which killed 2,202 Palestinians.”

Who Profits from the Occupation, an independent research center, notes that “Elbit drones were in use and the company’s personnel were part of the operation room of a special drones unit deployed during Israel’s 11-day onslaught against Gaza in May 2021, which left 248 people dead and over 1,900 injured.”

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