Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chimayo, NM: Think Outside the Bomb summer encampment

CHIMAYO, NM—This week, young people from across the country are arrived at the Disarmament Summer Encampment to spend an exciting 10 days organizing for a nuclear-free world. Think Outside the Bomb (TOTB)—the nation’s largest youth-led network working for nuclear abolition—is hosting about 150 youth who have joined together to oppose the far reaching nuclear-industrial-complex.
Think Outside the Bomb is a cross-cultural alliance of youth working together to reignite hope from below and build a grassroots, consensus-based, nonviolent direct action movement. In partnership with the Tribal Environmental Watch Alliance, TEWA Women United, the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment, Products of Atzlan youth group, and the Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum, we are committed to collective liberation, a sustainable future, and an end to the cycle of nuclear violence.
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