Bicycling for peace across America: former Congresswoman and former Black Panther

Bike4Peace press statement
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SOUTHERN UTAH -- She spent twelve years in the US Congress and a week in an Israeli jail. Now she's spending two months on a bicycle trip across North America. Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party's 2008 nominee for President, is riding with Bike4Peace 2010 to demonstrate the bicycle as a solution to Climate Change, Oil Wars, the Health Crisis, and Economic Malaise.

Malik Rahim, the 62-year-old former Black Panther and Veteran for Peace, who helped to create Common Ground Relief in response to the post-Katrina disasters in New Orleans, is also riding his bicycle to demonstrate his commitment to a way of life that respects our common need for a healthy environment.

Cynthia and Malik plan to meet with other cyclists from all parts to celebrate World Car-Free Day in Washington, DC, on Wed-22-Sept. They will rally on their bicycles in front of the US Capitol at 10:00 AM. While rides from several parts of the country have been planned for this convergence, many cyclists are expected to arrive by train and bus with their bicycles to join this celebration.

Bike4Peace 2010 began at The House of Common Sense in Oakland, CA, on Sat-24-July and has already involved some seventy bicyclists. Some have ridden across their town, some across their state, and others are committed to crossing the continent. The ride builds upon Bike4Peace experiences from previous years since it began in 2005. Riders have ranged in age from 18-mo--old twins Grace and Willow Darr-Hipp, who rode 4500 miles in a bicycle trailer to Ethyl MacDonald, an 84-yr-old woman who cycled across the continental divide in Montana.

Bike4Peace cyclists stress that local hosts are as vital a part of Bike4Peace as the bikers. "When a community comes together for a potluck to share with the bike riders," says organizer Vernon Huffman, "it builds our hope for national recovery through responsible choices. We've been excited to see how many communities are building sustainable alternatives to corporate disasters."

Donations can be made through PayPal at and will be used to defray the costs of travel for those cycling across the continent. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

As of this writing in the first week of August, Ms. McKinney is crossing southern Utah, while Mr. Rahim is in Georgia and planning to visit each state capitol on his ride to DC. As they look forward to their great convergence, they are also excited to meet and share with people in every small town through which they pass. More information is at and


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