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Monday, July 23, 2007

Doc Rosen, AIM and Wounded Knee brother, passes to Spirit World

My Relations,
I'm sorry to announce that I have received word that an "AIM" and "Wounded Knee 1973" brother, Doc Rosen, from Denver suffered a stroke yesterday and passed to the spirit world today. According to his wishes Doc will be buried alongside Frank Clear Water and Jerry Roy in Grass Mountain on the Rosebud Rez. Monday (tomorrow) July 23rd.
Doc came to Wounded Knee as a medic but before long he took up arms and fought along side us and became a close brother to the warrior society. Since that time he has served the people in many ways including the "Long Walk" in 1978, the "Yellow Thunder Camp" in the Black Hills back in the 1970's, up until his recent trip to Guatemala to help set up health clinic for Mayan people there. This past summer he and his son Ari came to stand with us at Bear Butte even though Doc had just been married a few days before. Wherever he went Doc worked hard to help our people with his healing skills including the Sundance at Crowdog's Paradise where his place in the Circle will be empty for many years to come.
I"m not trying to write an obituary at this time, Docs life will take a few pages, I just want to let the People know that a good warrior has left us this day and allow his many friends and comrades to join us in mourning his loss.

Carter Camp


Anonymous said...

Carter Camp -

I had the pleasure to be com-parents of Crystal with Ron. It takes such a good man to be a good father.

As well as having such a distinct and profoundly giving professional life, Ron lived a very distinct personal life. Never one to live by the rules but to make his own unique way. And of course he is not a saint but a human being with flaws like the best of us. I feel very blessed that I even had the pleasure of our life paths crossing.

Carter Camp - your words at Paradise provided such a comfort. Plus the entire encampment was so loving - even to us - friends of Ron that none of your even knew. Bless you all,

Love Pat

Anonymous said...

I just heard the news, I had the honor of meeting such a great man at the age of seventeen, and life will never be the same, I will never be the same


Anonymous said...

I met Doc when I was 9 years old. My mother and myself went to Sundance 4 years in a row. He was her teacher at acupunture school. He taught us both a great deal. My life would not have been the same without knowing him. He always gave me a since of self worth and self confidence. He will be missed.

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