RESIST: Alogonquins say 'No' to being guinea pigs for weapons testing


Mohawk Nation News
July 24, 2007.

The colonizers are using a new weapon for Indigenous destruction. Law suits. Doesn’t “No mean no”? Canada and Frontenac Ventures have devised new tricks and donned new masks. They figure if they can sue then they can take away our lands.

On July 23rd 2007 they punched us in the face by handing the Algonquins a million dollar lawsuit. Canadian colonial institutions are being used as a tool to assault us.
Remember, the Algonquins never consented to the trespassing that’s happening on their land.

Sharbot and Ardoch Lakes are 42 miles north of Kingston Ontario Canada . The Algonquins rejected Frontenac’s financial offer last week of $10,000 to dig up uranium to contaminate and desecrate the land, air, water, animals and people. They were told that soon an injunction will
remove us from our own land.

The 55 acres at the gate is supposedly private land owned by Peter Jorgenson who leased an office to Frontenac Ventures. Frontenac merely has permits from Ontario to stake mining claims on unsurrendered Algonquin land, as
well as private land.

The Algonquins are supposedly represented by lawyers, Blaine McMurtry, of Toronto . What are they doing? We are not told anything! The Canadian crown claims jurisdiction over the area. Shouldn’t Affairs be protecting the area according to Canadian legislation and Supreme Court of Canada jurisprudence. We know that’s a joke! Indian Affairs has a long history of helping to destroy and steal Indigenous land, resources and rights. Indian Affairs is right in there now punching us without a velvet glove.

The Algonquins refused to come under the Indian Act. They remain free and independent, to be dealt with on a nation-to-colony basis. The land is unsurrendered and remains unceded. The Algonquins are not Canadian citizens. This is all verified by international law. The
Canadian government represents the corporate interests, against us.

All it takes is for a greedy corporation to persuade one department to give them a license to exploit Indigenous land that doesn’t belong to Canada . All the other departments will fight tooth and nail to defend this theft. We can’t think of a single time when the Department of
Justice took our part against a corporate predator.

Another dirty player on Algonquin land is MREL [Mining Resources Engineering Limited], a manufacturer and tester of weapons. It has a unique “secret” facility in a “remote location” on Algonquin land. We know all about it!

Has anyone noticed that there’s been a sudden burst of spending on the military even though war is illegal in international law? Canada is under no war threat. No attempts are being made to solve disputes by peaceful means. The UN has been turned into a “war machine”.
Canada is an eager little “go for” for these totalitarian schemes. The military siphons money away from education, health care and much needed repair of infrastructure for public health and safety.

Canada has opened up our land to any country or anybody who wants to do military testing. We are set up to be used as “guinea pigs” for these tests! The public says nothing because they are too scared and too shocked.

Canada is trying to seduce a new generation into their lethal games. Tey’re suckering the children of the poor into sacrificing their lives to lower the population of “useless eater”, as Henry Kissinger called us. They’re trying to convince us it’s glorious to “self-destruct”.

The Department of National Defense Canada and the DRDC [Defense Research and Development Canada ] are doing studies on the effects of weapons on people, animals, land, water and air. CRTI is the umbrella organization [“Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
Explosives Research and Technology Initiatives”] that includes 21 agencies and departments, including Atomic Energy, Health Canada , CSIS and Natural Resources.

MREL makes and tests radon equipment and weapons of mass destruction on Algonquin land, like RDDs and IEDs, which are “dirty bombs” made from uranium tailings or medical grade radio active materials. Who’s the “Chemical Ali” of Canada ? Gordon O’Connor, the Member of Parliament of the area and the Minister of Defense? Are they nuking settlers who don’t vote for them?

These losers don’t know how to make a living without killing, molesting or preying on their fellow human beings. Go to the DRDC website for all the connections with the worldwide
military industry at

MREL is a very private company that does contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense Navy, Army and Air Force and who knows who else. Bill Bauer, the Vice President “front
man”, doesn’t answer any questions.

MREL is busy showing off their explosive and weapons technology at the “Force Protection Equipment Demonstration” in Stafford Virginia U.S. Also there are exhibitors like “SAIC”, “Raytheon” and “RedX Defense”
[We want to reassure our readers that this has nothing to do with our Sage “Red-X”, though they may have been reading MNN and want to stop our peace mongering against their bombs!] Look for an article on MREL at, a trade magazine on
weaponry development for terrorism worldwide.

These companies are all up to their necks in Algonquin land without any permission or authority. Their presence is based entirely on colonial bluff.

We aren’t sure if MREL is banned from going around on our land. The OPP told Frontenac’s George White and Pete Jorgensn to stay away. Uranium companies exploring in the Athabaskan basin oil sands in Alberta are using helicopters to fly in their heavy exploration
and drilling equipment, which is a technical possibly that could be done here on our land.

MREL boasts of having a “remote location” to do its experimentation, development and testing. They’re hoping that the Indigenous protests will disappear because they’re farther from major universities, military and population centers. These guys are playing hard ball. They are starting to manufacture “red neck” opposition to our attempts to defend the peace and
sanity of the land.

It's just a matter of time before the OPP have to "uphold their rule of law" and enforce the injunction. The OPP work with DRDC by keeping a consistent presence at the Robertsville Mine. They know how isolated this territory is and how many people are there.

Port Hope near Toronto is where the uranium waste is being stored. This was closed a few days ago due to “seepage”. The Algonquins of Sharbot Lake are feeling the pressure.

Janie Jamieson asked, “Please send in whatever you can as soon as possible: water, gas, food, disposable cameras, socks, bug spray, candles, eating utensils and any type of camping supplies. Help is urgently needed for our well being and protection”.

The Algonquins, our supporters and the local residents are demanding “No uranium mining whatsoever” on our land. “The testing of the IEDs and RDDs and nuclear weaponry has to stop”. We’re not allowed to burn a tire and look what they’re blowing up practically in our faces. We face birth defects, permanent DNA damage, leukemia and cancer to present and future generations living in the area. For the sake of the earth and the future generations, we have to mobilize now to stop this insane nonsense.

The 20th century tactic was to claim our lands were needed for military defense. The 21st century tactic is to use their courts to sue us with their colonial laws that are made up as they go along, in the name of democracy, but in violation of democratic principles.

Contact Chief Paula Sherman 613-279-1970;
Bob Lovelace at 613-268-2746, Cell 613-532-2166; Harold Perry
613-479-5534; Lynn Daniluk 613-268-2746, Cell 613-267-0539; Ormond
Lee of the settler committee 613-267-7584.

Send your opposition and concerns to Natural Resources Canada Phone 613-948-5200, MREL Bill Bauer
13-545-0466 (111) Cell 613-530-0777; Prime
Minister Stephen Harper and the Governor
General [she’s responsible, knows it’s happening
and turns her back on us and our children constantly].

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

See: “ Canada ”


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