Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bush criminalizes the anti-war movement

By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
This article gives the implications of the Executive Order Bush issued July 17, 2007 whereby opposing the Iraq War becomes an illegal act. It provides the text of the Executive Order, and the text of his Message to Congress the same day.
"In substance, under this executive order, opposing the war becomes an illegal act. The Executive Order criminalizes the antiwar movement. It is intended to "blocking property" of US citizens and organizations actively involved in the peace movement. It allows the Department of Defense to interfere in financial affairs and instruct the Treasury to "block the property" and/or confiscate/ freeze the assets of "Certain Persons" involved in antiwar activities. It targets those "Certain Persons" in America, including civil society organizatioins, who oppose the Bush Administration's "peace and stability" program in Iraq, characterized, in plain English, by an illegal occupation and the continued killing of innocent civilians. "

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