Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In memory, Zapatistas massacred at Acteal, Chiapas

Tenth Anniversary Of The Acteal Chiapas Massacre

Play describing the massacre against the Tzotzil community from the pacific organization "Abejas" in the municipality of Acteal in the town of Chenalo Chiapas México

By Centro de Accion Popular
LOS ANGELES -- On December 22, 1997, forty five in Tzotziles were murdered by death squad group “Mascara Roja" trained and sponsored by the state government of Cesar Ruiz Ferro and the president of México at the time Ernesto Zedillo Ponce De León, along with the guidance and coordination of international military training supported by yanquis.
Our demand is to never forget the massacres that our pueblo has been subjected to. Right after the massacre thousands, even millions, marched on the streets to demand accountability for the perpetrators. Unfortunately, ten years later, only a few remember this disgraceful event. That tragic day, the pacific group “Abejas”, was peacefully preparing and setting the prayers for Christmas Eve, while at the same time the government was preparing a plot to assassinate them. Hours of bloodshed went by, the death squads killed children and women equally. The atrocities went so far as to extirpate embryos from pregnant women. They fired shotguns that were paid with dirty American dollars. We will not forget this massacre and we will continue demanding accountability to the assassins of defenseless, unarmed people.
We invite you to join us and remember this atrocious act by seeing our play put together by people that believe that dignity can be gain through resistance. We will also screen the documentary "Masacre De Acteal" and have live music at the end of the night.
Centro de Accion Popular
1042 North Richmond Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033323) 276-8548
(Photo: Acoma Pueblo poet Simon Ortiz remembering those murdered in Acteal, during a vigil walk in Tucson/Photo Brenda Norrell)

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