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November 12, 2007

Yaqui delegation detained enroute to Indigenous Border Summit

A delegation of Yaquis from Sonora, Mexico, were detained at the US/Mexico border for 11 hours without food or water, enroute to the Indigenous Peoples' Border Summit of the Americas 2007. The delegation persevered and arrived to share their critical information on how pesticides banned in the United States are killing Yaqui in Rio Sonora, six hours drive south of the border. "Jelly babies," babies born without bones, have been born in the Yaqui Pueblos. The other place the "jelly babies" are found is in the Pacific Islands, where mothers are the victims of extensive nuclear testing. (Photo: Members of the Yaqui delegation from Sonora interviewed on for summit webcast. Photo Brenda Norrell) Article coming ...

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Rebekah said...

Hi, this is information about a story which is related to the border situation between the US and Mexico. However my contribution really only can take the form of a question right now. I also ought to express that in our indigenous Australian way, communication sequences are quite different to those among Native Americans, so I probably might be correctly analysed as being in a pattern of imitating those whose words make no circle. Our whole culture does that, as method to let those who would deny culture its truth, show themselves up in imagining that the rest of us are equitably nasty characters.

Recently I had a Dream in which a piece of information was provided to me about indigenous American experience. Being as how my own culture of indigenous Australia, requires me to be lead in my daily routines by those dreams which awaken me from sleep, I am wanting to find a way to validate or verify the information I received.

It was in respect of the method and ideology used to promote the Southern States of the USA as though the indigenous population had been entirely "white". We don't receive much valuable evidence over here in Australia about what really happened, but a quick look at the internet proves that the story is not being told straight, as well as the obvious evidence of the Mexican people's face in the situation.

However in my dream what the whole story connected with, was the fact that European invasion and settlement both, had been fashioned into a pattern of Masonic Temples ascribing to belief in the prophesy of Islam about one indigenous group who will prove ourselves to be the cause of the need for such a terrifying teaching as Qur'an is.

I have been myself gradually uncovering portions of evidence that there were Masons (and their predecessors) whom had attempted to profit by directing which indigenous group it would be who fulfilled the prophesy. The prophesy is quite complex and also involves a process in which the consequences of the first ever incidents of lust and harm to a child are permanently exorcised from the planet. I became involved in uncovering the evidence of what bits of prophesy are already within human witness, when I found myself being branded as a paedophile after having identified publicly with my indigenous ancestry. My family had "passed-as-white" for as many as five generations so as to prevent our children being stolen, and yet today after I opened out our story, I have been experiencing the immeasurable injustice of organised crime setting up a situation in which my children were removed from me, and the police took the side of the children's alcoholic father; but while also poisoning the water of information about this happening, so that the black community were not relating with my experience as a part of the whole stolen generations story. There is a massive extent of evidence here against our police, and I have also been bizarrely frequently approached by ex-US-marine-corps men here in the City of Brisbane.

I see in your web log that you are less in fear of the consequences of naming what the information is which we all need. That is why I can myself feel safe in giving this story for your own investigation to my validity. Our culture is very silent in every story until we have the evidence of a positive resolution. We tend never to ask direct questions of one another so as to never ask another person to lie. Also we tend to overtly show our weaknesses at the outset of any interaction, and continue to show only weaknesses until every weakness in the interaction is fully accounted for, and only then we begin to negotiate in reality. I hope this sort of basic information will enable yourself to communicate effectively with our indigenous people here in Australia; and I want to provide the information to you in thanks for this avenue of you even reading my comments.

The critical part of my Dream was about a railway which was built running south into Mexico. The information was that the railway had been very damaging to those indigenous Americans whom were not intermarrying with white strangers, and negating the native title to land ownership.

There is other information in the dream which linked to that part, which is what I need verification of as historical fact, or not, as the case turns out to be.

The linking information was about how the invaders had been pursuing the notion of forcing the identity of who will fulfill the prophesy of Islam upon indigenous Americans. Clearly much history has happened within that outlook, such as the origins of the Mormon church for example.

But I have been repeatedly also dreaming that the situation has been very bad also for the real indigenous American cultural tradition, and that is what I am seeking evidence of.

I recently wrote an essay, (which is within a book of poems I have just published, and which makes my own knowledge of these facts a bit more public. However I am a sole parent pensioner with an expensive legal situation and a risk to any commercial publisher, so have been using the idea of print-on-demand, to make photocopies of some poorly made proofs and then hand bind it into a hardback. All with an ISBN and CiP data etc, so my work is available at any public library here.) . . . and in the essay I am defining my own comprehension of how there has been a monetary influence upon many peoples, in which an impetus is caused to believe that Native Americans will fulfil the prophesy, and in which also Aboriginal Australians are very ill defined as the culprits in the story. How the whole story of Islam must be comprehended, to my mind, is that the culprits always manifest proving the worth of the story. However, in the immediate situation, what might be required, so that my essay is not mistaken by those of our own folk who get a bit shaky in the need not to go blaming each other; is strong evidence of how the misapprehension of expectation that indigenous Americans are always just about to "prove the book", has harmed the indigenous American cause as equitably as it has harmed our own Australian, or any other indigenous cause.

I hope that my sentences are not too long for you to make sense from, but usually a few retakes can figure the meaning clear. Its always odd putting words into these tiny little comment screens if there is a matter of real worth to be putting into words.

The key to the dream I had was the railway into Mexico, and something about a deal which was made with an indigenous nation which enabled the railway to be built. If that is a real situation in which it can be proven that harm manifested to the indigenous culture, then I can present a much stronger position in argument, that us Australian Aborigines ought never blame Native Americans for how the European empire building occurred. There are folk among our people who are just too afraid not to be looking for somebody to blame. My fear is that if they decide to blame Americans, that the blame will fall back upon those indigenous Americans already most hurt by the long term situation. This is exactly as we experience it here in Australia also. At this time that portion of the Church of Later Day Saints, whom are sustaining real relations with Islam through the Islamic Circle of North America, who still promote a Native American solution to the Prophesy, are blaming the mainstream Australian culture for failures in child protection, and that has fallen upon the most needy in remote Northern Territory communities, since not enough of us white-fellows can take the shame.

Its very difficult for me at this time since I am being so heavily policed, and so no black folk can afford to sustain open relations with me, since the police are always harsher upon black-fellows. I am also fortunate because my father worked at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo for a while, and so has had the security clearance level to guarantee some safety for me. I expect that is why it is me, a white-fellow who happens to be finding herself in this story of having received the dreams which could match the ends of our circles up.

To the best of my knowledge, this story as I relate it, can fit within the Ghost Dance song cycle.

My name is Rebecca Copas.

Thanks for reading and be welcome to e-mail me or comment at my weblog(s)