Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunset Water Ceremony Ballona Wetlands

Sunset Sacred Water Ceremony in Ballona Wetlands closes American Indian Heritage Month Closing Ceremony Friday, November 30, 2007
By Joanelle Romero
LOS ANGELES -- As the sun sets over the ocean on the last day of November, American Indian Heritage Month comes to a close. We will gather in sacred circle in the historic Ballona Wetlands Freshwater Marsh, the ancient burial grounds of our Gabrieleno, Tongva and Shoshone ancestors to hold a Respecting the Water of Life ceremony. In our ceremony, we will first honor our ancestors with drum and song. We will then cup water in our hands and receive its blessing. We whisper our intention over the water, including healing for contaminated waters around the globe. We also offer thanks for all the blessings, new connections and understandings we have received during our Heritage Month. We will release the water into the West, transmitting our vision of all peoples seeing the sacredness shining through all forms of life and finding connectedness across their diversity. We then will send this vision into the waters and across the sea. Our American Indian Heritage Month events, held throughout the City, honored American Indians as our nation's first environmentalists. The whole month of November was a call for American Indians to come out in pride and share the light of our traditions. All of our events served to inspire respect for Mother Earth and the balance of life. During this historic month in Los Angeles, in this important juncture in time, we shared our sacred ceremonies that attune us with Mother Earth. We also invited non-Natives to participate and experience the magic of these traditions with us.We are closing with the sacred water ceremony in prayer and respect for all the Ancestors who have come before us and have continued to inspire us to create a national healing of the Sacred Hoop of Life, which includes all colors, all relations, all peoples, plants, animals, water, the sun, the moon, star nations, thunder beings and our grandchildren’s grandchildren. The purpose of this sacred water ceremony and of American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles is to encourage us to ask our selves profound questions: “What do we want to tell our grandchildren that we did to make a difference now? What commitment have you made? What pledge have you taken to heal our original Mother—the Earth?" The sun sets at 4:44 p.m. on November 30. Bring drums or rattles and tobacco or rose petals as an offering. Our Respecting the Water of Life Ceremony is open to the public.
Come join us. Everyone is welcome. Respecting the Water of Life Ceremony: Ballona Wetlands Fresh Water Marsh, Playa Vista area, Los Angeles 90293; Friday, November 30; 3:30 p.m arrival; ceremony begins at 4:00 p.m.; free public event; [Directions: from Lincoln & Jefferson Blvd, go West on Jefferson (toward the ocean) to Culver Blvd. Make a U-turn at the light (at that point you will be heading East ). You will see cars and “Red Nation” banner on the right.]
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