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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Canada's 'Indian Affairs' financed War Machine to Attack Kanehsatake Mohawks

Canada's 'Indian Affairs' financed War Machine to attack Kanehsatake Mohawks on January 12, 2004

By Kahentinetha Horn

Government documents received through an “Access to Information” request prove that the attack on peaceful Kanehsatake Mohawks by a heavily armed 67-man paramilitary force was planned, financed and implemented by Indian Affairs, Solicitor General’s Office and the Prime Minister’s Office of Ottawa. The documents reveal that the initial lay out of over $900,000 was illegally provided by Indian Affairs to Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness for this coup. [PSEPC Code 0880; Ref. Code5000020336]. The documents show that a total of $40 million was spent on this attack. [$20 million from Canada and $20 million from Quebec.] Secret bi-lateral agreements between Canada and Quebec laid out funding arrangements. Canada was to provide 52% and Quebec 48% of the policing funds. Indian Affairs has no authority in policing. It was strictly illegal –a blatant violation of Canadian law and a misappropriation of Indigenous resources and Canadian taxpayers’ dollars at a time,when many Indigenous communities are suffering from third world conditions, without even clean water to drink. Despite the huge number of blanks where crucial information was “whited-out” from the documents, it was still possible to piece together the ghoulish history that’s going to haunt the corporate government players to their graves.
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(Photo via Atlantic Free Press: Mohawk warriors outside the police station at Kanesatake, Que. (CP photo)
After the orchestrated Canadian covert operation, 16 Mohawk warriors were sent to prison.

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