Thursday, January 31, 2008

Longest Walk website up and running after being hacked

By Brenda Norrell

The Mohawk Nation News website was sabotaged this week and the Longest Walk website was hacked.
Rudy Preston writes at the Longest Walk site, "Sorry we were down all day. A hacker got into our server and added a piece of malicious javascript. It was deleting important files from our server. It is probably because of our public forum. We were trying to respect your private information by not collecting any. Unfortunately that allowed just anyone to post things in our forum and comment section. They were able to completely destroy a few things. Luckily I had a backup of the website.
"We are back up and running but we will have to start having people register to the site to post forum items and comments. It will also mean we will be moderating the forum. No longer will anything be instantly posted. A moderator will have to check them to be sure there is no malicious javascript in them. Sorry for the red tape, but I unfortunately have no other way to go at this point."
Preston is preparing a login form now to prevent future problems. Meanwhile, the Mohawk Naton News website is also back up and running after ownership of the website was seized away from Mohawk publisher Kahentinetha Horn. Likely the governments of Canada and Quebec are not too happy about MNN. On Tuesday, MNN exposed Canada's $40 million militia covert Op to destroy the Kanehsatake Mohawks. It took three years to obtain the government documents.
Meanwhile, the Longest Walk is preparing events and concerts for Feb. 8 -- 11. The Alcatraz ceremony is February 11, which follows with the kickoff of the two routes across America, the northern and southern routes.
Chuck Billy, Pomo and lead singer of legendary thrash metal band Testament, will perform at the Longest Walk Kickoff Concert on Saturday, February 9. The concert begins at 5:00PM at the Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland. Chuck Billy will perform alongside his brother Andy and 2006 Native American GRAMMY & NAMA recipient Star Nayea.
The Longest Walk Kickoff Concert also features performances by 7th Generation Rise, Blackhorse Blues Band, Jeremy Goodfeather, and others TBA. Tickets range in price from $25-$40.The concert is a benefit for the Longest Walk 2, which kicks off on Monday, February 11. The Longest Walk 2 is being organized and led by American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis J. Banks. Participants will embark on a 5-month journey across America, walking over 4,400 miles to Washington, D.C. arriving on July 11, 2008. It is an extraordinary grassroots effort on a national level to bring attention to the environmental disharmony of Mother Earth.
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