Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NAGPRA, one makes a difference in California Rancheria

In Greenville Rancheria in California, Douglas Mullen proves one man can make a difference as he protests the University of California at Berkeley's treatment of ancestral remains of Indian people.

By Douglas Mullen

Today I'm starting a campaign to inform the public as to the on-going situation at UCB. I was out in front of the Tribal Office, which is also across from the Post Office. I was met with favorable response from the Public. Some honked their horns, others gave the thumbs-up, others stopped and asked about what I was doing, and yet others took my picture. I got suggestions such as drafting a petition for the people to sign; some suggested that I hand out fliers. One man suggested that I attend the local Veterans meeting. All-in-all my one-man demonstration went well. I am planning to stand in front of the local drug store, Sheriff Station, grocery store, high school and Roundhouse Indian Education Center from 12 pm-1pm everyday during my lunch break. Also the local newspaper stopped and took my picture as well. I encourage you to do the same. I will be sending this to other news stations as well. Pass this on as you see fit. May your day be as blessed as mine has been.
Douglas Mullen, NAGPRA/Cultural Coordinator
Greenville Rancheria

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