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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good morning from the Longest Walk, northern route at Pollock Pines, Calif.

Long distance runners on the Longest Walk Northern Route ran into Pollock Pines, California late Friday, with snow piled high on the sides of the road. Incredible fortitude by Miwok, Cheyenne-Arapaho, Washoe and Japanese runners, who each ran 10 to 15 miles at a stretch up the cold mountain. The runners are now headed to Lake Tahoe and will stop for prayer at a burial ground near Strawberry. We are in high country now, but the sun is shining today. The food has been wonderful from the Miwok Nation at Shingle Springs. The Pollock Pines Community Center gave us a warm place to sleep.
Thanks to all of you for the contributions of warm clothing. The runners still need thermal underwear, large and extra large, 0-degree sleeping bags and camping mats to sleep on.
Thanks to the Miwok Nation, we have plenty of water and snacks. The Longest Walk northern route will arrive in Carson City, Nevada, late Sunday night. There will be a powwow in Carson City on Monday.
There have been prayers, blessings and sweatlodges the last few days and everyone on the northern route is focused on the sacred gift of the walk and healing for their familes, communities and Mother Earth. Listen to us live 10 am to 2 pm:
On the Longest Walk, northern route, Brenda Norrell

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