Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nogales residents: US building border wall on Mexico's land

Nogales residents want 'Wall of Shame' construction halted on Mexico's soil

By Brenda Norrell

NOGALES, Mexico – Residents here say the US border wall construction has intruded twenty meters onto Mexico’s land and are urging a halt to the construction of the U.S. Apartheid Border Wall, being fought by Indigenous Peoples all along the US/Mexico border.
The Nogales site is located west of the Mariposas international border crossing at Nogales,, which is south of Tucson.
“A serious problem has resulted from the all powerful program to construct the 'Wall of Shame' by the U.S. government in this border,” said concerned residents Teresa Leal and Alejandro Castro in a statement.
“In Nogales, Sonora, they have flagrantly moved the International Boundary obelisk, which marks the boundary of our national geography in the area of Las Mariposas, about 3 kilometers west of the Gate No. 3.”
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