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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Russia tells US to tear down its Apartheid Border Wall

(Photo: San Diego border wall by Jay Johnson-Castro)
PRAVDA, Russia:
"After the trillions of dollars wasted in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, after failing in each and every one of his domestic and international policies, after insulting the noble precepts on which his country was built and after ensuring that he is the last Republican President for many years to come, George Bush prepares one last parting shot: a US-style Berlin Wall.
After two terms in office, it has become patently clear that George Bush neither respects international law, nor has any intention of pretending to abide by the fundamental precepts underlying international relations, having breached the Geneva Conventions, the UN Charter and numerous UN Resolutions in wanton acts of mass murder outside the borders of the United States of America."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How is the NAFTA superhiway going to effect the US are you opposed to this or agree with it.
The hiway is built for Mexico with taxpayers money in the US. Also it will be four football fields wide and extend from the coast of western Mexico throught the center of the US all the way up to Canada.
The only security is said to be done with SENTRI computer system for the trucks if they are in the left lane.It first stop is inKasas city,MO. This will allow easyer access for Mexico' and other countries like China,etc to import their products to us and Cannada and Mexico. Mexico and China have this trade agreement.

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