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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Biological and chemical warfare toxins on Indian lands

Toxic cleanup inventories reveal biological and chemical warfare agents on and near Indian lands in Canada and US

Special thanks to John Hummel for sending the information on biological and chemical warfare on Canada's First Nations lands to Censored News. These agents are revealed on toxic inventories. In the US, similar research using toxic cleanup inventories shows the biological and chemical warfare agents adjacent to the Skull Valley Goshute, at the US military Dugway Proving Grounds in northwest Utah, and more secret sites, such as an unidentified project on the western portion of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. The information on the Navajo Nation site came from DOD's Native American Environmental Tracking System site. The Navajo area site was listed as “Nauaya Gra Res AX” on Department of Defense cleanup data. The site is listed with "no information," located on or near the Navajo Nation, with impacts unknown. (After first publishing the original information in 1995, a notice was posted on the NAETS website that NAETS has been decommissioned.) The only other US reference to "Nauaya Gra Res AX" comes from a DOD Arizona toxic cleanup citation stating the Nauaya Gra Res AX site is in Coconino County, Ariz. It states there are "no records," and there was a cleanup cost of $15 million. This web page also lists multiple Prisoner of War camps in Arizona as former Department of Defense sites for cleanup. (The Prisoner of War camps include Eloy I, Eloy II, Florence, Duncan, Maricopa County, Continental, Cortaro, Queen Creek and Safford.) The state of California has the most toxic sites, including five Prisoner of War camps.
Former DOD sites in Arizona:
Toxic sites on First Nations Canada
US map of DOD contaminated sites. Click on each state:

--Brenda Norrell, Censored News

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