Thursday, August 7, 2008

US EPA: Department of Environmental Racism

Desert Rock power plant air permit from U.S. EPA is environmental racism

From Bradley Angel
To US EPA staff that claim you support Environmental Justice,
Please do not EVER claim US EPA is a friend of EJ. Never.
This permit issuance was expected, but is a disgrace.
You and anyone else at EPA who thinks you support EJ should hold a press conference on the steps of the agency, denounce the agency’s racism from Navajo Land to Gila River Indian Community to the Colorado River Indian Tribes to Kettleman City and beyond, and quit.
Your continued participation in EPA’s racist and outrageous actions provides greenwashing of the EPA’s environmental racism.
I hope you all think long and hard about this, and whether you can sleep at night knowing that EPA has permitted a facility that will poison people, cause elders and families to be evicted from their homes, damage or wreck an important cultural site, and contribute to climate change and global warming. Wayne Nastri’s quote that “These analyses make CERTAIN that the existing air quality will not deteriorate as a result of the plant” is quite simply crap and a lie.
You and I know that a giant coal fired power plant will clearly harm air quality.
Shame on EPA and all of its staff that are complicit and remain silent in the face of EPA’s racism and injustice.
Bradley Angel

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