Friday, August 1, 2008

End the war against the Zapatista communities

The zapatistas are not alone!

(Photo Marcos and Comandantes in Sonora, Mexico in 2007/Photo Brenda Norrell)

Signed Statement:

We, the organizations, collectives, movements, networks, communities, peoples, families and individuals who are adherents or sympathizers of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle, women, men, children and elders of the entire country declare:1. For almost a year, the harrasment, provocations, repression, militarization and aggressions against the indigenous zapatista communities have been worsening. The military incursion of this past June 4th is only the most visible sign of a strategy that seeks to attack the social base of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and the heart of indigenous autonomy: the land and territory. We condemn and reject these actions and demand that they stop immediately.2. This new offensive is articulated once again by paramilitary groups and by the State Government of Chiapas, as well as by the Federal Government. It is a political-military strategy that seeks to back zapatismo into a corner. Complicit in this strategy is the silence of the mass media and everyone who remains silent before the repression through which our zapatista sisters and brothers are living. We will not be silent. We demand an immediate halt to this offensive against the zapatista project, which represents an alternative for the peoples of the world.3. Dignified autonomy is constructed in the councils of good government and the autonomous zapatista municipalities in rebellion, which we recognize as one of the most important alternatives for humanity. We join the process of defense of zapatista autonomy, that exists today under increasing risk with this new violent offensive.4. We demand that the Federal and State government halt already the violent actions against the zapatista communities. To all the zapatista support bases, autonomous municipalities and councils of good government, as well as the EZLN itself, today we return to say YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are with those of you who make up the Other Campaign, and from the entire country we send a message of support and solidarity.5. It is the hour of mobilization and organization in defense and support of the EZLN. Before the drums of war it is necessary to organize now the civil and peaceful response from all the corners of the country.THE ZAPATISTAS ARE NOT ALONE!THE FEDERAL ARMY OUT OF CHIAPAS!LONG LIVE THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES IN RESISTANCELONG LIVE ZAPATISTA AUTONOMYLONG LIVE THE ZAPATISTA ARMY OF NATIONAL LIBERATION210 Collectives, organizations, communities, networks, movements, and 250 families and individuals from 27 states of the country

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