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Monday, December 1, 2008

Mohawk Nation News: Canada spies on Ongwehonwe

Or is the colonial hierarchy cracking up?


Nov. 30, 2008. As we are seeing more and more clearly everyday, Canada has always been a totalitarian for-profit enterprise even though it tries to masquerade as a democracy. Canada is a Euro colonial settler state that governs by passing race laws. Every now and then declarations of legal rights are made to make things look kosher. But when push comes to shove, these are ignored. Things are done at the point of a gun by open terror and genocide.
What information could the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service [CSIS] possibly be looking for in Mohawk communities? How many dogs we have running loose? How many rusted cars and old fridges are standing in our yards? We notice they don’t want to report on how bad our water is, or how corrupt the band council is or about the lack of funds for our education, medical care and housing. So what’s happening?
Whatever anyone says, CSIS covertly sneaking into our communities can’t be for “national security”. We’ve never been a military threat to Canada. CSIS is coming in as an agent of confusion to “terrorize” us! What have we got that would scare anyone? Except, of course, for THE TRUTH!!! The land every Canadian stands on and all the resources in it belong to us. That’s why they’re trying to brainwash us and the Canadian people.
Everyday we are seeing more cracks in the broken “democracy” called “Canada”. We Mohawks are targeted because we ask too many questions. We are always challenging their actions and asking them to prove the legality of what they’re doing. They want a “white” nation. The colonists associate “Indians” with a certain degeneracy of intellect, morals, self-restraint and political values. That was their excuse for stealing our resources.
Canada sets us up as targets because they want to divert attention away from their economic and social problems. They need someone to blame. They want the public to believe we are dangerous. Never mind that their government rakes in millions from cigarette taxes. They spin it as the murky world of “contraband”. They make it sound like it’s a crime for us to support our families by legally selling tobacco.
Their border is the “apartheid wall”. Their border guards routinely harass us and even try to kill us when we try to travel on our territory. Canadian agencies refuse to investigate these criminal acts. All their police, the OPP, RCMP, Canadian Border Services Agency and the colonial Akwesasne Mohawk Police, claim it’s not their jurisdiction.
We are denied due process when they assault us. Two Mohawk women have been declared as “non-residents” of Canada in order to make them pay for the Crown’s defence in the law suit they filed against Canada for not investigating border brutality! [M. Mireille Tabib, Oct. 23, 2008, Kahentinetha & Katenies v. The Queen T-1309-08]. If Kahnawake and Akwesasne are not part of Canada, then why haven’t they removed the illegal border control at Akwesasne? On the one hand, they say Akwesasne is in Canada so they can put their border there. On the other hand, they’re saying it’s not so they can force us to pay thousands of dollars to make border guards accountable for the assaults and crimes against us. Canada has plans to build a great big international high tech border installation at Akwesasne. We don’t want it.
When three non-native people recently died in a botched border operation at the very same spot in Akwesasne, all those self same police services were stumbling all over each other to investigate. What’s the deal? The safety of ”white” people is precious? Ongwehonwe safety doesn’t matter?
Presently Cree elder, David Ahenakew, is on trial for the third time because of some ill-considered private comments he made about the Jewish genocide in World War II. Remember, he didn’t kill any Jews. When he served in the military, he took part in the operations that freed people and helped stop abuse. The genocide against our own people is generally ignored. Why the double standard? Why is he being prosecuted with so much vengeance when Canadian border guards can attempt murder with impunity?
These incidents just nibble at the internal conflicts raging within the colonial government apparatus. The Maher Arar and Omar Khadr cases, the extensive secret military exercises in November 2008 near so many Ongwehonwe communities, and so many other disturbing developments suggest that we are being prepared for totalitarianism or martial law. All it will take now is a pretext to bring it in. Another 9/11!
When the hierarchical colonial system is threatened, it resorts to “fratricide” to clean out its ranks. The higher ups become paranoid. They start getting rid of their underlings who they fear want to replace them or expose them. We certainly are not in these kinds of positions nor do we want to be. We’d rather stand back and watch the poisoning and beheadings going on in the palace, so to speak.
Canada is still trying to look calm while it screams hysterically from within. They don’t want people to smell the blood beforehand. To divert attention they’re looking for those with opinions different from theirs to start imprisoning and shutting them up.
The state is using slander and historical distortion to defame us and get the media to suppress discussion of the real issues. The current attempt to purge the Mohawks is based on false claims that we are likely to sabotage Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve always stayed in our own boat according to the Two Row Wampum Accord. We have never committed any violence against Canada. In fact, we have defended Canada several times, going back to the War of 1812 right up to World War II. Of course, if our historic ally chooses to attack us, we will always defend ourselves.
The violent and unfounded fantasies about us serve someone’s purpose. People get a chance to use lethal weapons when Canadian agencies send in cops and spies instead of talking with us on a straightforward and honest nation-to-nation basis. CSIS is Canada’s secret police look for demons and devils they can finger for purging. We’ve been told actions of this kind must have ministerial approval. Who is the prime sinister?
Canada is ruining its international image because of the abuse and needless suffering that it causes to all Ongwehonwe. Up to now they’ve kept a lot of their skeletons in the closet to make it easier for CSIS to set us up. CSIS defames us by playing on the active imagination of a gullible public.
CSIS has been sent in to corrupt our “leadership”. They should know by now that we have none. Who is active in our Men’s Society? Who is the intelligentsia? [As if we aren’t all intelligent] They are trying to make us mistrust each other. They want to turn us into “fifth column” communities. They think they can get away with it because we are a minority. They figure no one will help us when we’re attacked.
The young and the vulnerable are targeted. When they’re snatched, the cops force them to “confess” to anything regardless of the truth. Some of their lines are: “Either you comply with us or we’ll charge you”. “How well do you know your community?” “Who are you related to?” “Someone told me this, is it true?” “Do what I say or I”ll break your arm”. Their old favorite, “Who are your leaders?” CSIS wants to have us charged with “counter revolutionary crimes” based on their racist colonial laws or those they intend to create!! Yes, we don’t like the colonial Canadian system as it has been shown to us.
We know that Canada thinks that our land, cultures, bodies and minds must be sacrificed for the colonists to remain dominant and for their system to continue to function. Canadian occupation of our land and the usurpation of our resources are illegal under international law. One of their frequent tricks is to get someone to invite us somewhere and then set up a “disappearance”. Rumor has it that now that we’ve been declared “insurgents” a secret military tribunal has been set up to try us. Bye bye habeas corpus! Is Canada getting dangerously edgy about having their “turf” stepped on by the real owners, us? Well, CSIS, you’ve been hung out on the clothesline to dry and your brown-laced underwear is flapping in the wind. What are you trying to prepare us for? The “final solution”? Genocide?
Iako’ha:kowa & MNN Staff – Mohawk Nation News
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THE OTTAWA PLAYERS. CSIS:; Manon Berube – Media 613-231-0100;Public Safety [Danger]: Minister Peter “Pumpkin-Eater-and-Trough-Licker” Van Loan; Suzanne “Hurts-to-be-Herself” Hurtubise DM 613- 991-2895; Myles “Away-from-Reality” Kirvan ADM 613- 990-2633, 613-949-0322; Chantal “Dirty-Fingers-in-Every-Pie” Bernier ADM Community Safety [Endangerment] and Partnerships (613) 993-4325; Scott “ODB” Broughton Sr ADM Emergency [Mis]Management and National [In]Security (613) 991-2820; Lynda “Useless-Forked-Tongued-Drone” Clairmont ADM, same as “ODB” (613) 990-4976; Daniel “Pepsi-and-May-West” Lavoie DG Communications (613) 990-2743; Elisabeth “Botox-from-Head-to-Toe” Nadeau ADM, Corporate Theft (613) 990-2615; Kristina “Fingers-Getting-Itchier-and-Itchier-to-push-the-Trigger” Namiesniowski ADM Strategic Policy (613) 949-6435; Eva “Nosey-Nit-Picker” Plunkett Inspector Field “General” of CSIS (613) 949-0675; Richard “Diarrhea-Mouth” Wex ADM Policing, Law Enforcement & Interoperability (613) 990-2703. The biggest safety risk for us Ongwehonwe is this ADM cabal of agents;
Health Canada, partners with the US through the Canada-US Joint Radiological Response Plan, under the Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan; Foreign Affairs Lawrence “Chinese-Food-Glutton-at-Taxpyers-Expense” Cannon 613-992-5516 Fax 613-992-6802; 819-441-2510 Fax: (819) 441-2680; (819) 281-2626 Fax: (819) 281-2755; Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day.

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