Petros: Christmas in the Holy Lands

A Massacre in Palestine - Responses and Developments

Christmas in the Holy Lands
By Petros Evdokas
Censored News

All of the global Empire's lies, violence and hypocrisy can not hide the
plain truth: the native people of the Holy Lands are being exterminated.
Through carefully calculated enforced starvation; by selective
assassination; by indiscriminate air-bombing and artillery strikes;
torture; denial of basic medical necessities; killing the people by any
means available.

We live in a world that is so bizarre and twisted with venomous atrocity
that our own realities are incomprehensible. One photo published by
Ha'aretz newspaper yesterday tells it all:

A thin and starving Santa walking on the edge of a mine field waving a
Peace sign is attacked by the military in a swirling cloud of tear gas:

Realities inside the world's largest prison, where a million and a half
children, elders, women and men are locked up by the occupation army
through a land, air and sea blockade that's aimed to break and destroy
them collectively:

" 'Our bakery is out of bread for days now and what we have will only
last for another 24 hours. In fact, we stopped our work yesterday as we
ran out of flour. Now, we use animal feed which will finish in a matter
of hours.'
... If you visit my house you won't find power, while my neighbor is out
of gas. Another neighbor seeks potable water as power outages have left
him without for four days. A third neighbor desperately looks for milk
for his child but does so in vain. Another friend who lives on the
corner needs medicine that can't currently be found in Gaza..."
"Hunger before the storm"
Sameh A. Habeeb writing from the occupied Gaza Strip,
Live from Palestine, 25 December 2008

" 'Father, we want to eat, we don't have bread,' my eldest daughter
"No bread in Gaza"
Rami Almeghari writing from the occupied Gaza Strip,
Live from Palestine, 25 December 2008
Jesus in the 21st century is a Palestinian infant denied milk and
medicine. The Holy Child is a Navajo boy, an Iraqi girl, an Afghani 90
year old Grandma wrapped in the flames of napalm bombs dropped on her
village by the Empire's Crusaders to cleanse the land of its native
flesh and make the world safe for shopping.

Petros Evdokas
from the Belly of the Beast


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