Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LIVE from AIM West San Francisco


Join us again live Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. Pacific for AIM West speakers online or at the Baha'i Center, 170 Valencia St., San Francisco. Listen to Bill Means, Clyde Bellecourt, Mark Maracle, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Yvonne Swan, Mark Anquoe, Tony Gonzales and more.
Watch tonight's program by clicking on "ON-DEMAND" (after the commercial, it is a free site) and then select show for Nov. 24.

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eileen dacinghorse runs wild said...

Thank you so much for the live stream; i could not make it to the Bhai Center on time. i had to take an elder to the doctors today.
It makes my heart so happy to see and hear the speakers and performers. i am doing a television show tommorow at 6pm on local San Francisco called Richard Rants Show. i have been invited to speak on the show every other Weds. on channel 26 you can also find it on the internet. Please feel free to contact me if you have an issue or event that you would like me to speak about. You can contact me at eileenpug@att.net
Tommorow i will be passing on information on Glen Cove Ca sacred site in Vallejo and also trying to encorage folks not to shop at the Emeryville Shell Mound site. Some of us will be there on Friday to give the truthfull information on the sacred place they are choosing to purchase their gifts at. We must get out and get active; because so many are ignorant. They need to know the truth of their actions. We must speak out about the importance of walking the red road and honoring our ancestors and by that honor what is true. Walking is powerful, we are mindful and we must link our hearts together to stop those who have lost their hearts and are just weak faux power-mongers. We must honor our Great Mother Earth and Great Grandfather Creator. My mother was forced to attend boarding school in Colorado; she never got over it. We must NEVER allow this again EVER.
We must stand together, please try to attend all of these great events of NO THANKS. This is our community and together we can create real power and honor and care for the Great Mother.
Also please purchase Phillip Mesheky's C.D; it is full of powerfull music and spoken word that need to be heard.
Again feel free to contact me if you have anything to put on the Richard Rants television show.
Thank you to all my sisters and brothers that walk in peace and thank you to Vallljo Inter-Tribal Council to you Wounded Knee and big hugs to Corina. You are in my warmest heartfelt prayers walk on and pass on the truth.
See you at Coit Tower. Ohlone are still here.
eileen dancinghorse runs free