Leonard Peltier: Alive and Kicking in the Iron House

From Leonard Peltier

Greetings from the Iron House. It has come to my attention that a rumor has been circulating about my death. Sorry to disappoint the Trimbachs, Ed Wood, and all the other vermin, but I am still alive and kicking. I continue to struggle for the truth about my case-much of it hidden in the 6,000 documents they are afraid to release-to see the light of day.

I have been monitoring the case with the Crow Creek tribe’s land issues, and have been asked my opinion. As in nearly all things, I come down on the side of the tribe. Sovereignty and self determination are the lynch pins to Indian freedom. I want the people of Crow Creek to know they have my fullest support in their endeavors. This case affects all Indians, and should matter to all people of conscience. Everyone should monitor this case to its fullest conclusion, and know it is yet another example of Indian people’s daily reality. The Indian wars are not over; they just are fought more in the courtrooms and the boardrooms these days. But the issues are mostly the same-the land, resources, and freedom. Freedom to think. Freedom to live as we wish. Freedom to be who we are. Don’t for a second allow yourself to think that the conspirators aren’t working. They’re out there, and as always they’re plotting ways to dispossess and marginalize Indian people at every opportunity.

We were all sad to learn of the passing this past week, of Howard Zinn. A brilliant author, researcher, activist, not to mention a fine human being and a friend to my cause, his loss is a blow to all of us who struggle against oppression. Please send up prayers for his family and loved ones, and that his spirit has a good journey.

As always, a big thank you to my family and everyone else helping out at the office, and all my supporters’ world wide. Through your efforts, one day we’ll win my freedom.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier


Anonymous said…
To the Strongest Indian Alive...

To you our prayer our strong and yes one day you will be reunited with all the nation.
Anonymous said…
You have been in my prayers for about 1 year when I saw something on the internet about your case. I have also written a letter asking for the President to release you or the very least to let the truth come out so that you will then be released. As a young white girl in a Catholic school learning American history I stood up and told the nun that the books were wrong because the Indians were here before us and the Europeans were in the wrong. I got sent to the hall to think about my outburst and what I had said. This was in the 50's. I never stopped this arguement with people and now I am finally learning the Red road within a spiritual book club on the internet that is mostly Indian or part Indian. I really don't know if anyone else is supposedly not of Indian blood like me but neither do I care.
Your are in my daily prayers.
Aho, Rita Redfox
Unknown said…
I believe the damm is gonna break
here soon and you will be one the first released in the 24 hour revolt
from tyranny and a peacefull resolve
threw music and education ,We have to rush the cruel dragon hallie
called them.Your alot like HIM
if you think about it .Hallie fought
against the nazi and overcome,You
also shall overcome,Fbi ,cia,and
any other warlords spy networks,etc

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