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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running Strong Youths Deliver Emergency Aid

Running Strong for American Indian Youth provides firewood to Pine Ridge and utility assistance to Cheyenne River Sioux
Cheyenne River Youth Project delivers supplies
Running Strong would like to extend grateful thanks to the Onondaga Nation for a $10,000 donation to Running Strong’s emergency heat program on Pine Ridge to be used for firewood distribution. With this generous donation keeping firewood plentiful, Running Strong can concentrate funds on keeping electricity running and propane tanks filled.On the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, Running Strong and the Cheyenne River Youth Project are going to provide $30,000 in utilities assistance to help families heat their homes this winter.
In the days immediately following the storm, the Cheyenne River Youth Project provided
:• blankets to residents and the Indian Health Service hospital • hygiene packets and pampers to residents • diabetic supplies and bandaids for the command center to distribute to shelters
Running Strong distributed 600 free boxes of fresh food to Cheyenne River residents.
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Photo: Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual Run/Photo by Running Strong for American Indian Youth

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