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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bolivia: Meet Manny Pino, Acoma Pueblo

Manny Pino: Laguna Acoma for a Safe Environment

Exposing the underbelly of Cold War genocide: Uranium mining in the Pueblos of New Mexico

Manny Pino is from the Acoma indigenous territories in New Mexico, USA. He is a co-founder of a tribal grassroots group called Laguna Acoma for a Safe Environment and is a professor of sociology, President of the Board of Directors of the Indigenous Environmental Network and Director of American Indian Studies at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Manny has worked in the area of American Indians and the environment for the past 28 years with an emphasis on uranium mining and nuclear fuel cycle issues impacting Indigenous Peoples throughout North America. Manny comes from an indigenous community directly impacted by uranium mining. Uranium is a fuel for the nuclear industry. Mr. Pino was one of two indigenous environmental activists to be presented with the 2008 award, Nuclear-Free Future Award, in Munich, Germany.

Read about more Indigenous delegates from North America at the World Peoples' Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, beginning Monday in Bolivia:

Bolivia: Meet Susana Deranger, Athabasca Chipewyan

Meet Susana Deranger joining the Bolivia Climate Conference

"I am a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. I am the co-founder of a new group called Indigenous Women Without Borders. I have been an activist and involved in First Nation and human rights a great part of my life. I was in Copenhagen and will be doing a presentation on the Tar Sands in Bolivia since my First Nation is located on what we call ¨ground zero.¨ I live in Regina Saskatchewan , Canada and am a mother of four children and grandmother of 3. Finally, I have been working in the Peruvian Amazon for the last five years."

Susana's comments in Copenhagen:
“The United States is importing millions of barrels of oil from the Canadian Tar Sands, which is contributing to the genocide of the Dene and Cree nations of Northern Canada and to the destruction of Mother Earth” said Susana Deranger, a grandmother from Fort Chipewyan in Northern Alberta. “Last summer, there was a flock of ducks that landed on a tailings pond of Tar Sands dirty water, and they all died. This is the water that is poisoning our people. There are clusters of rare cancers that are concentrated in our communities and killing our people. Obama, we urge you: End Environmental Racism – Climate Justice now!”

Mohawk Nation News: Return to Sender

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Apr. 14, 2010. A parasite lives in or on a host and sucks nourishment. It can’t live independently. Otherwise it perishes. It’s like a cancer cell spreading and colonizing the entire body eventually killing it.

The parasites developed capitalism so a few leeches can live off the labor and generosity of other races. They invaded the Western Hemisphere bringing nothing with them except murderous weapons and mind controlling religions.

Indigenous hosts were always aware that the parasites were deadly foes and tried shaking them off. They cannot provide for themselves and want our land and resources for free!

To steal this, the parasites advocated, motivated, planned, organized, ordered and implemented the murder of over 100 million of us.

The parasites invented the usury system. Paper is printed and loaned at high or illegal interest rates. The debt is collected by hook or by crook.

Parasites need artificial hierarchical authority backed by military might. The repressive apparatus is run by syndicates under their control.

The masses are trained to obey. The parasite constantly scares and threatens the host and tells them they can’t iive without them.

Can the parasite change its inner nature? A maple tree can’t be changed into a pine.

European and Western states lure non-white “aliens” into their cities to accept lower wages and threats of being kicked out if they complain. They want these “immigrants” to become their hosts to live off their backs. Many hosts realize they don’t have to serve them.

Rather than pitch in and do their share, the white race is dying off. They think everyone else should die off too. President Obama wants to store nuclear waste in the US and might keep nuclear bombs under his bed to use as he sees fit.

Various current ideologies, movements and cults are meant to preserve the parasites. They falsely believe they own the land, waters, skies, satellites, radar, nuclear energy and so on. The masses say nothing. They attach themselves to the fake materialist world thinking they will be saved.

Parasites are always looking for or creating new hosts to latch onto their energy, resources and move onto the next host.

It is said indigenous were created from the earth and the white race was created by froth on the beach. We can use our blueprint, the Kaianerehkowa, to rebuild our societies. It will be easier now that the blockers are voluntarily leaving us.

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