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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Los Angeles Times publishes racist hate speech directed at O'odham

Los Angeles Times,

It is difficult to believe that the Los Angeles Times would allow such ignorance and racism to be published as in 'Mystery Language on a Border Sign.' It insults the O'odham right to travel in their own homelands, insults the O'odham ancient language and exposes the ignorance and racism of both the writer and the Los Angeles Times.
It is difficult to believe the Times would allow the writer to accuse the O'odham of criminal behavior, illegal border crossing, without any knowledge of the subject. The author and Los Angeles Times owe an apology to the O'odham people.
Are you even aware that the O'odham live on both sides of the border in their traditional homelands and have lived here since time immemorial?
Why would you allow a writer to insult a peoples' language without even researching the facts?
This is one of the most racist columns I have ever seen published in major media and constitutes hate speech.

Brenda Norrell, Tucson

Tucson: World Indigenous Day: August 9, 2010

World Indigenous Day
August 9 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm .

Location YWCA Frances McClelland Leadership Center
525 N. Bonita Ave, Tucson, Arizona
Created By Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras
PLEASE JOIN US as we come together for WORLD INDIGENOUS DAY on August 9, 2010 to share our ideas and thoughts on the impact of SB 1070 and HB 2281 on our communities.

FEATURED SPEAKER: Simon Ortiz, Acoma Pueblo Poet and Writer
PANEL: Tony Bustamante, Immigration Attorney ■ Leilani Clark, Youth Activist ■ Shannon Rivers, Gila River Indian Community
■ Dr. Roberto Rodriguez, University of Arizona

SPONSORED BY: Alianza Indigena ■ Derechos Humanos ■ Indigenous Environmental Group ■ International Indian Treaty Council ■ Seventh Generation Fund ■ Tonatierra ■ Yoeme Commission on Human Rights ■ YWCA Tucson
MONDAY ■ AUGUST 9, 2010 ■ 6:00 to 9:00

Contact: Jose Matus, director, Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras,