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November 1, 2016

Water Protectors Jailed in Dog Kennels, Assigned Numbers as Concentration Camps

Water protectors caged in dog kennels after arrests on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016
Numbers were written on their arms, as was done in concentration camps.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat at:
Spanish translation by Dr. Villanueva

MANDAN, North Dakota -- Morton Country Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier caged Standing Rock water protectors in "dog kennels" and wrote numbers on their arms, as was done in concentration camps.
After being caged in a 'dog kennel' and assigned a number as in the Nazi concentration camps, this water protector, in the video above, describes the heart break of the brutal police attack and arrests of Native American elders on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016.
"They are good, strong people of our community," she said of the Native elders brutally arrested by police and National Guard. Dakota Access Pipeline is violating all human rights and civil rights as it rushes to complete the last stretch of pipeline construction.
She describes the heartbreak of ceremonial bundles on the ground and elders being arrested with their eagle feathers in their hair.
"No one had guns or anything," she said, describing facing the tear gas, sound cannons, percussion grenades, pepper spray and loaded assault weapons pointed at them.
She describes how the people stood up to the tear gas and the brutality inflicted on them that day, as they defending the sacred places, burial places, and sacred water of the Missouri River.
Then the water protectors, elders and youths, were taken in buses to jail.
"We were caged in dog kennels."
"We sat on the floor."
"We were marked with numbers."
"We were held in the garage."
They put the women in two dog kennels covered with tarps in the garage. They could not see out.
She said she could not wrap her mind around it.
Water protectors had numbers written on their arms, as was done by Nazis in concentration camps.

Morton Country Sheriff and the violent police and National Guard engaged in torture which they placed a hood over a water protector during a lock down to protect the water and burial places. These violent police further engaged in torture by pouring water over handcuffed water protectors in the cold.


Unknown said...

Sickening! It breaks my heart. We all must spread the word about this and speak truth to the lies about the "safety" of the pipeline. I pray for strength for the protestors and more support from the GOOD people of this country.

Ruth sakiestewa said...

Hillary isn't addressing the issue of militarized DISPORTIONATE style attacks committed by DAPL police & Secirity Guards of mercenaries--who used rubber steel coated bullets, on non-combatants without guns...not even "bow & arrow shooting" the lying Sheriff has been using to media & not funny to any Natives at Standing Rock!*
THEY USED Pepper Spraying, Masing, Tazing, tear gas inflictions, concussion grenades, shot gun blasts, the use of radiated sound blasts that incapacitated a human being for days as unbalanced ear drums & emination toxic radiation, especially around children!* Slamming & tripping women to the ground, sniper firing on horse riders, shooting & injuring horses!* waterboarding, strip searching & being left naked in jail cells naked all night!*
As usual CLINTON IS KILLARY HILLARY as she has already been given money from these Mid Easterm Monarch State oil companies such as (Saudi Arabia) whom eventually trail to N. DAKOTA's rich oil barons DAPL, & it's owner in Houston, TX. Before she began her campaign..Saudi Arabia & other Monarch States lined her donation pocket with thousands of dollars to prep her presidential campaign!--...and WE KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS--as MONEY TALKS!*

Anonymous said...

Sad but typical behaviour of the oppressors. Now u know why native people don't stand for the national anthem. Why give respect n honour for a country that treated and still treats our people this way.

Anonymous said...

Civil disobedience is a ssymbolic disobedience of the law.
A refusal to obey certain laws.
Some of the water protectors chose to engage in civil disobedience. Police would then Orderly arrest the person, take to jail, & person posts bail. Usually its just a misdemeanor charge and the person would not be held in jail.
There is No need for any Violence from the police in arresting the water protectors.
WTF is going on with North Dakota & Morton County?
The abuse to the water protectors is so disgusting.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

There is a great deal of misinformation circulating to discredit the actual abuses. There is a false story saying that the United Nations is rushing to the rescue at Standing Rock. This is not true. As for Amnesty International, the team arrived in August. There was no one killed this week at Standing Rock. That is misinformation. There is also a fake photo of the buffalo arriving at the fence line when the police attacked Standing Rock water protectors. Please do not post or share these fake articles. They are either part of a misinformation campaign to discredit; or the result of sloppy reporting; or part of revenue schemes to make money off of 'click bait' and Adwords by those who profiteer from the movement.

Anonymous said...

This is inexcusable in, Th 21st century, and it must be clear that the criminals responsible do not represent the people. They serve the monied powers, whoever they may be, over the interests of the people. The wealthy elite have been at this criminal behavior hiding behind the illusions of government, law, banking, and religion since the end of, The American Revolution. It is time for all the people that struggle to exist, to stand as one. Dissolve this government and make a transistion to something different. To all that were arrested, please ask for, Trial by jury, on an individual basis. Make them expose their tactics for every criminal arrest they made. I will pray for the water protectors that they will stand and stop this pipeline.

Susan Emerson said...

As of Aoril, she had received $6.8 MILLION dillars in donation to her political Super Pac...should this pipeline be completed she will continue to receive money thru the banks, such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, supporting Energy Transfer Partners.. Trump will end uo wuth almost 25% interest in ETP if the kine us completed

Celeste Taylor said...


Genocide by arson fire at Standing Rock.
Last night. Saturday
It is Sunday morning 6AM MST
I have not had news since about two hours ago. At that time no fire truck or response
Celeste Taylor, MD.


Vance Hawkins said...

I have 2 cars, but I don't think either one of them would be able to make the round trip journey. Also I'm 64 and my body doesn't do things as easily as it used to. But I'd like to know if I could send yall a little money -- I'm NOT rich -- but I could help a little. Where would I send it to? You can reach me at I'd like it if it were spent on food for those up there. It won't help much but it will help a little. The weather is gonna turn cold on yall pretty soon so stay warm. Yall should be proud of yourselves. Stay safe. You don't have to post this, I just don't know how to get in touch with anyone.

kathy said...

the buffalo were brought there...and the "police" killed one horse and injured others. so there were buffalo there...and the people were attacked along with the animals. the first story was early...follow up stories told of the round up. These animals are affected everything..share everything..the media won't do much.

Anonymous said...

Where is our pathetic president when this is happening. He defends illegals and Muslims they shouldn't be treated badly ugh. But these are the original Americans they should be helped why isn't he defending them?

Anonymous said...

The goal seems to be to continue to distract us from the political behaviors at this time.

Anonymous said...

We are watching in the UK your not alone

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a letter Obama sent to Indian Country the first time he ran for president. He promised that if he was elected, he would honor the treaties. Treaties are the supreme law of the land. The United States does not enforce the law because the Doctrine of Discovery (Johnson v. M'Intosh) says that when the white man "discovered" the Americas, he owns everything. What you are seeing at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest is white supremacist colonial law being perpetrated in the twenty first century by a black man who has the power to stop it. It is racist because there is liberty and justice for all except the Indians. Treaties are international contracts and the way contracts work is that if you break a contract, the property reverts back to the original owner. How does a racist government deal with broken contracts? They say, since we discovered it centuries ago, WE have given YOU the right to occupy it but in our magnanimous benevolence, we want to pay you what it was worth when we discovered it or finally got around to taking it---one dollar an acre!!! But look, with interest, it has grown to over a billion dollars. Why that's a thousand dollars apiece OR ten thousand apiece if you don't count the kids!!! This Satanic government was founded on the breaking of God's commandment, "Do not remove your neighbor's boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God has given you to possess." Deuteronomy 19:14 I would like to remind the President and also the First Lady that Proverbs 31:9 says, "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly: defend the rights of the poor and needy."

Unknown said...

We're not Muslim plain and simple

Unknown said...

They also have strip searched the women arrested earlier this week. I see some people blaming Hillary for not doing anything, but Trump has investments in DAPL and is on the board also. He is heavily tied to it. Obama should put a stop to this atrocity and clear violation against the Native people and the violation of Treaties.
This is what fascism and corporatism looks like for those who do not know. The world is watching, even if the majority of America is kept in the dark as to what is happening in their own country. For shame America.

StandupforyourRights said...

Please sign this petition if you believe in clean drinking water for the next generation change starts with you

Anonymous said...

Fake news? No UN? No Amnesty International? What the heck is going on there? Why is not Obama putting a stop to this? Where's the Governor or Senator? This is so far beyond wrong!!! Why is no one helping them?

froarty said...

police r trying to force the protesters into violence because the state has broken the law wrt civil rights and needs a counter claim to offset their legal liability. time to generate a legal paper trail with dates and offenses accuulating damages thus far without violent response.. they may be assholes but they have lawyers who will make them stand down once they see how much settlement money they alradt owe you.

Unknown said...

We're praying for you. LORD God arise with vengeance protect the innocent

Meri Martinez-whiteskunk said...

Thank you,

Unknown said...

So only twenty people speaking out???

What's wrong with this country???

Anonymous said...

We need to stop this from happening. I'm sick of the government doing what they want .

Anonymous said...

Over here in Europe, Germany, I feel pain in my heart, seeing how you water-protectors are still treated in such awful ways by those who do not understand most fundamental human ethics and the fact, that we are in no way above anyone or anything. We are nature. But: awareness is growing rapidly. Abuse has reached such enormous extend, that more and more people wake up. Thank You, for still standing so strong after centuries of maltreatment! From my heart I send to you light and love, Martin.

Kaye said...

I encourage people to donate to the Sioux. They have set up a PayPal account to help with legal fees, sanitation, and other costs.

Unknown said...

Goddess Bless you. I still can not believe that your fellow american will allow this treatment, would part take and what is worst must enjoy the degradation of the protestors. I makes we re think what it is to be a USA citizen. I have friends born and bred there but are they the unusual ones? because i don't believe they would take part in such a horror sinister action. Keep Strong. I will cast my energies towards your cause.

Blessed Be

Unknown said...

So much support for you here in Australia and this is being shared all over social media! The world (and the American people)need to know what is going on there and we are doing our best to get it out to them. You are very brave people and we stand with you at Standing Rock. <3 <3

Anonymous said...

What has Trump done there! This is not the place for you spewing hate. Stop it! The state needs to handle this... and awareness of the horrible actions happening.

Anonymous said...

No, this is not the whole case. It is happening! I'm sure the people out there are not saying "boy, I can't wait for the election to be over so things can go back to normal. Gee whiz what a month!" No dude...get a clue

weeping willow said...

I live in Alabama. We recently had a pipeline leak,followed by a explosion. This leak is near a river that adjoins the Alabama River. Then into the Gulf of Mexico. The only thing on the news is worry about rising fuel prices. Nothing about damages made to the environment. This is a heavy walled pipe. The news reports and grader or some form of heavy equipment struck the line,causing the explosion. People use your common sense! There had to be vapor. Which naturally means another leak. Which means lack of maintenance. Together we are stronger. When will we the people of this nation stand up and do something? It's apparent that prayer isn't getting it. I hope the people remove their blindfolds. And soon!

Anonymous said...

Because he is a piece of shit who needs to hang along side Killary. This sounds something the Oath Keepers need to get involved with, maybe we need to send 20 or 30k of us up there and help the Natives out. I mean there is 6 plus million of us verese how many in the military????? Dont think they want to fuck with us..