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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mohawk Nation News Needs Help!

Horn V. Canada Border Service Agency
Kahentinetha Horn Hospitalized

Dear MNN Readers,
On June 14, 2008 two grandmothers supposedly beat up a squad of well-built muscular border guards and police officers. The impression being created is that these two women scared them and beat them to a pulp.
In fact, Kahentinetha suffered a trauma-induced heart attack and has been in and out of hospital since. Two years later the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA has brought charges against her for assault and obstruction. A date for this important trial will soon be set.
We want the truth to come out. It appears we are being used as examples of how those who oppose the fascist buildup of power at the Canada-US border will be treated.
The government of Canada and their agents are using the money and power of the state to stop people from expressing their legal rights.
We must stand together to protect ourselves against tyranny. Kahentinetha should not be alone. You are needed to get behind those who are standing up.
For twenty years MNN has raised awareness of the political, economic and social issues of people who are oppressed everywhere in the world. In particular, MNN has defended everyone who want to cross the border freely and not be harassed or abused.
MNN website has been hacked, crashed and interfered with, causing untold difficulties. We have never given up being a voice for freedom for the average person. MNN needs your donations for Kahentinetha's defense so we can properly defend ourselves from the might of the Canadian government.
Please help me any way you can. It doesn't matter how much. Just let us know you are standing with us. Monetary support is needed as this will be a long term fight - a 70-year old grandmother is doing this on your behalf.
Kahentinetha, MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, to donate and to sign up for MNN newsletters go to

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