Saturday, September 3, 2016

Standing Rock: Pipeline turns dogs loose on water protectors, maces them

Today private security contractors hired by the oil companies attacked the water defenders with strike dogs and pepper spray. 

Water protectors bitten by dogs, maced, assaulted by pipeline private security officers

Sept. 3, Saturday
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Standing Rock Camp water protectors were attacked my vicious dogs, maced and some punched by the Dakota Access Pipeline crew, around 3 p.m., today, Saturday.
Dakota Access Pipeline provoked a confrontation by taking heavy machinery into an area that had been identified as a site of Native American burial grounds, located about one mile north of the camp.
The non-violent water protectors were first maced, then guard dogs were brought in. One of guard dogs attacked a horse and people present.
However, the water protectors stood their ground and by moving forward together were able to make the equipment turn around.
Tonight, a scout camp is being established there.
One of the dogs brought in
by Dakota Access Pipeline
it to attack water defenders
About 4,000 to 5,000 people are gathered today at the camp/
One Lakota woman on the frontline said, "Warriors on the front lines! Dakota Access is on the run! All we are armed with is prayer and songs. We hug each other and wrap each other with love."
"Dakota Access let attack dogs loose on us. They were attacking blindly, even attacking their own workers."
Lakota woman said, "Pipeline crew were scrambling to reach Highway 1806. They were using their machines to rape our Mother Earth. All the women were crying. My auntie and I held each other and cried. But we prayed and walked together and Dakota Access ran scared, scared of our songs and prayers. "We stood strong in the face of their pepper spray, barking dogs, and huge men who were throwing our people to the ground."
One man at the scene said, "They maced us."
"We got bit by dogs. But we didn't stop."
"They turned around and started leaving."
He said water protectors were maced and bitten by canines, including German Shepherds. But they chased the pipeline construction crew back.
"They had dogs with them, they had sticks with them."
"The pipeline workers threw punches at some of the people. But we didn't throw back. We are not dumb, we know what we are doing."
Red Warrior Camp said, "DAPL private security force unloaded vicious dogs to push the water protectors off the land. The dogs were blindly lunging at everyone, even DAPL construction workers! Tear gas has been deployed by DAPL security force (while the North Dakota State Patrol helicopter hovers overhead) to end the non-violent direct action at the construction site, just off Hwy 1806, just 1 mile north of Red Warrior Camp."
Standing Rock Camp announced late on Saturday that there will be a smaller camp, as a scout camp, to monitor the area of burial grounds where the pipeline attempted to dig into the ground today.
The camp asked that no families or children be at the scout camp.
For those going to the scout camp, there was a mandatory security briefing so that everyone is safe and knows the protocol.
Police did arrive today, but there were no arrests.
Some women were bitten by the attack dogs. Please check back later for an update on their condition.

Watch Facebook videos of today, Sat.  Nataani Means said, "Before they released the dogs, you can see them mace
Article copyright Brenda Norrell

Private security firms attacking burial ground defenders
Readers who are investigating the private security firm and dog handlers who attacked the defenders of the burial place on Saturday, have reported to us three firms that were likely responsible. We are still confirming the details.
The license plate on one vehicle show that the attack dogs came from an Ohio attack dog corporation owned by Edward William Frost, Frost Kennel Ohio. The owner has a criminal record so it was easy to track the plates. The firm has also been reported for fraud and abuse of dogs.
Also, it is reported that 10-Code in Bismark was involved, operated by former (or current) Bismarck police officer, see below.
Further there are reports that G4S was involved. G4S is based in London and is the global private security firm abusing human rights and prisoners around the world.
G4S is present on the Arizona border transporting migrants to detention.
Black Hawk, heavily armed security, has also been employed in the Bakken.
The Private Security firm owner 10-Code: The only employee for the drilling company in the Baaken is Steven Kilde. He is a recent (or current) Bismark police officer.
"10-Code LLC has been retained by Energy Transfer to provide the physical means to attempt forcing through this construction project; 10-Code LLC is registered with the North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board. Steven Kilde is former military. All employees other than himself are temporary employees. He is a licensed private investigator in ND, PI#547 Agency #830."
Steven Kilde appears to be on the Bismarks Police Department, or was until recently, and he also retired as a 1st Sgt out of the National Guard, which means he's drawing a State pension."

Ashley Nicole Welch has been reported as one of the dog handlers siccing dogs on protectors on Saturday. Shown here she was previously arrested for battery and parole violation.

Those named here can deny or confirm the reports of their involvement by e-mailing



kathy said...

OMG....these people have lost their minds...I cried watching the video clips ...the brutality against unarmed people trying to do the right thing...its sad I don't know how those men can sleep at night. I will continue to pray for everyone's protection & safety. Will no one help them? Where is the President?

Anonymous said...

looks like they have unleashed the private security dogs to up the ante and create "the incident" to do some harm to the protectors. Watch, support, be thinking (maybe you should start acting).

War Cloud said...

Whomever can go to the camp should go this fight is going to have long term consequences this will set the tone for the next 40-50 years when it comes to corporate greed over humanity

Unknown said...

Yes, Where IS the President?!!!! Put a stop to this Corporate greed, asow some true backbone in your final term!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this is being shared to spread awareness of the atrocities going on, but I wish the author wouldn't add to the prejudice against the pit bull breeds by having a picture saying here's the attack dogs.

Anonymous said...

All you that vote for this president should now he is not on your side by now. Watch and see who gets bribed to stop this mess.
Only God can stop this, 5the one true God.

Anonymous said...

Assault just took place at the end of this video. Uncalled for.

erissa jeffries said...

Report the Animal Cruelty & abuse to the Human Society....maybe they can intervene and take those dogs away from being used as weapons by those men before anyone gets hurt. Send them that video!

The Humane Society of the United States 1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037

202-452-1100 or 866-720-2676 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., or Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time.

Unknown said...

That guy should get charged with assault for doing that

Joe Vivier said...

I think what they want is for the protectors to start fighting back so the Morton county sheriff's department can start shooting them and get more help brought in to do some more killing and I know for a fact that pit bull's are very nice animals unless raised wrong

Anonymous said...

Really? Prejudice is a problem here for the dogs? My pit bull says stfu.this is abt people and environment.

Anonymous said...

The world is watching and they will know that we are a peaceful people. They will see the violence against our people all in the name of MONEY! Water is life. It must be protected. The stand Native Americans are taking doesn't only protect the water for us but for all people that will be affected by the risk this pipeline will cause. Those of us who can't be there in person are giving our support with prayers. Our singing and prayers are a powerful force. Aho! Thunder Wind

Joe Vivier said...

That guy should get charged with assault for doing that

Crystal Durham said...

A good and trustworthy friend has told me this took place in S. Dakota, not N. Dakota. Wanted to make sure you re-checked it. Thank you for all that you do!

Esjay said...

The President is playing golf. He doesn't care about anyone except himself.

Unknown said...

I don't feel there was any prejudice. These are images of the actual dogs there..they just happened to be pitbulls.

Joan Smoke said...

Praying for our warriors. This is not just a First Nation issue. My heart aches...

Anonymous said...

They want the protectors to fight back/defend themselves so when they come in an slaughter everyone it will be seen as "justified". Please be careful. Sending lots of prayers.

Tracey Cooke said...

This is ridiculous this police department is an embarrassment proving they are nothing but bought far as the scumbag oil companies ..they are criminals..

Dialina Rose Blackhat said...

Right!Where is the President? This is so wrong. Water & motger earth is life for all humanity. This pipeline is so wrong. Greed is the force behind everything. Sad i feel speechless. We have to be able to do something. Those men shoukd be arrested by tge federal government but where is the federal government?

Anonymous said...

In 2008 the documentary film American Outrage was made about the Dann sisters and their decades-long struggle against the U.S. Government for the right to graze their horses on what they argued was tribal grazing land.[9] The film follows the Dann sisters and tribal rights advocates as the issue moved from the initial disagreement to a Supreme Court decision and subsequent action at the United Nations.[10]

Me Ohmy said...

Were are the Indian casinos?? Why haven't they came to the aid of their ppl .. Why hasn't millions been spent to send more protesters to standing rock and even more sent to the White House door

Healthnwellness said...

They showed german shepards too.

Vicki Parker said...

I am so pissed off watching all these videos of sacred land being destroyed for billions of dollars. Keep up the good work people , keep on protesting. I am with all the Native Americans. I am white but I care about the land and water and hate what these oil company's have done to all the states they have invaded.

Nancy McBride said...

I cried too! I have the same breed of dog, the cane corso, how dare they turn it against innocent people! It makes me rage and want to turn my dog against them. But that is not the way. The protestors are doing everything right! Peaceful will prevail! That is how we will protect the water across the world. The protestors are an example of brilliant perserverance and protection of what is truly important. My thoughts are with all of them. My support is with the protestors. I hope they feel and know this! I will share this with as many people as possible!

Mary Lascelles said...

This is for all people's rights to clean
drinking water for everyone. It's isn't just about Indian.

Jennifer Zen said...

What private security company is this? They can be held accountable. Find and blast name and contacts

David Hildebrandt said...

Where is President Obama? Neither him or Hillary Clinton gives a damn about you Trump is ignorant and racist as well but at least he's honest about it

Carmen Carpenter said...

Who is this Company? This Security Force? They must have a company name? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for we the people to take a stand with our native peoples and say not in this country if it is happening here what and who is to say our community could not be next.

Jeremy Skye said...

Putting the company on blast would only further their reputation in the pri-sec industry. It's about who's the meanest and least rational. I'm just glad it's not Acadamy (formerly known as Blackwater)

Margo99 said...

A photo of a young girl attacked by a dog was on FB. I reposted it, then it disappeared. Are there any pictures of this happening? Was this a phony photo? It's bad enough as it is with all the protectors who have been bitten and maced. This is awful.

Where is President Obama? Hillary Clinton? They both need to weigh in on this.

Anonymous said...

Where are the members of the National Congress of American Indians? The NCAI constitution preamble says, " preserve rights under Indian treaties or agreements with the United States...". Article II of its By-Laws says, "The purpose of The American Congress of American Indians is to....(1)protect and advance tribal governance and treaty rights..."

Anonymous said...

The company formerly known as Blackwater is there as a security force. they are one of the contracted groups.

Doug Doug said...

They are not afraid of your songs or your prayers...they are terrified of your presence...prayers and songs have never scared anyone EVER nor are they neccessary. Action is the only thing they understand...your physical presence.

Anonymous said...

Фашистская Германия №2???

Cortnie said...

I'm a little upset and knew the pit bull and cane corsos being the poster child of media terror once again, but sadly I also knew this was coming. But I also love how the article proves the man that owns them is a criminal who has animal abuse charges, fraud charges but somehow he gets away havng a kennel that private security company's hire in Ohio...Shady as hell to me!!! Most of the dogs are under weight and there are some very aggressive ones but if you watch the videos a few times you will see that they are constantly pushing these dogs into doing something and yelling commands, some of them turn away repeativly but are forced back to lung. This all spells severe animal abuse, dog fighting and mistreatment to me. True attack / guard dogs most of the time will attack with no warning and not have to be told several commands over and over. I'm involved in pit bull rescue and have 5, that are the sweetest dogs in the world. One is even a pit, cane and mastiff mix and she's got a lot guard dog running through her but is only protective of me and the other dogs. I feel horrible for these dogs , the people who got attacked and it all just makes me sick. Kinda makes you wonder just how many illegal practices this company is involved in!

Cheri said...

I will be praying with you.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see the smile on the face of the Lakota woman chained to the bulldozer. It shows the joy in her spirit is not from materialism.

Anonymous said...

Bismarck PD Lieutenant Steven Kilde owns the Security firm that has the Federal contract

He also owns the company that gets State funding to do Aerial Monitoring.

He cannot be serving the public fairly and without conflict of interest.

Gaza Lover said...

I see this as the beginning of a world revolution against the greedy and powerful forces who have been in charge for a very long time. And these forces will do anything to stop it. In Palestine, G4S has been abusing human beings and helping Israel to imprison even children for decades. And Americans have been brainwashed to think the Palestinians are the "terrorists". Now, I see the same propaganda being used against the Native Americans and others at these protests. Same with Black Lives Matter. All over the world, people are beginning to wake up to who is the victim and who is the abuser. But the abusers will always try to make the victims out to be the bad guys. I have to wonder how far they will go and how long we will resist.

Anonymous said...

My Brothers and Sisters!
I am angry! I am angry because private companies see it fit to commit crimes against your people and the people who stand with you at standing rock. These companies used dogs and unlawful means to intimidate and threaten peaceful unarmed citizens of the Native American Nation who are fighting right now to protect our land and water.
Do what is right to support them and make a call to these companies who are the private security firms hired that are the cause of the horrific injuries sustained by your people. By calling and tying up their resources you can effectively disrupt their business which aids in helping our brothers and sisters fight this battle. Make a call once a day and voice your opinion. We have to do everything we can to stop the construction of this pipeline!!! Tying up communication resources will slow them down and cost them $$

10 Code Security (701)425-2771 (701)751-7844
Tigerswan Security

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