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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Operation Chaos targeted American Indian Movement

Russell Means with U.S. negotiator Ken Frizzell of the Department of Justice and Oglala Lakota chief Tom Bad Cobb look on. (AP)

Operation Chaos targeted American Indian Movement 

Russell Means said Indian Nations are "living in the belly of the monster, and the monster is the United States."

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
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Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS at:

In 1967 President Johnson created Operation Chaos to spy on the American Indian Movement, Black Panthers, student movements and anti-war movements.

The CIA operation gathered documents on 7,200 US citizens, tracking their contacts with so-called 'dissidents' in other countries.

Although a great deal has been exposed about COINTELPRO, very little has been written about Operation Chaos.

There is only one mention of Operation Chaos spying on the American Indian Movement in Wikileaks, and the document is not available online. 

However, other documents on the Internet reveal the purpose of Operation Chaos, a highly classified, secret intelligence project of the CIA. 

Agents targeted US activists interaction with people in other countries, stating they were suspicious that the unrest at home was coming from abroad. However, in the end, agents discovered there was plenty of unrest originating within the US, including the movement against the Vietnam War.

The agents were segregated from other CIA agents and the first targets were the Peace Movements and African American movements. Then, the American Indian Movement and occupiers of Wounded Knee were targeted. 

The report below reveals how the CIA exceeded its authority with domestic spying of Operation Chaos in the 60s and 70s.

Operation Chaos document with history:

AIM focus of US government spying prior to Wounded Knee

American Indians involved in the anti-war movement were targeted by spying during the 1960s and 1970s. The US carried out domestic operations, as revealed when the US targeted Buffy Sainte Marie. There were also foreign operations, which focused on AIM and travel to Europe.

During an interview at Dine' College, Buffy Sainte Marie said President Johnson put her out of the music business because of her stance against the Vietnam war and song, 'Universal Soldier.

The US cables reveal that the State Department was focused on spying on Russell Means.

The US State Department took notice and sent out a cable when Russell Means, Lakota, said a delegation to Eastern Europe planned to "ram the human rights issue down President Carter's throat."

Means promised to expose the genocide of American Indians in Europe and seek support for the ongoing "foreign occupation" in the US. The US was also concerned that the delegation to Europe in 1977 would use "Iroquois passports," according to the US spy cable.

One document in Wikileaks shows that after Wounded Knee, the American Indian Movement was planning an Indian Treaty Convention near Mobridge, South Dakota, in 1974. The US was concerned that Bolivia and Mexico would attend.

"The USG (United States government) would regard official participation in this event by any foreign government as inappropriate." The US continued to try and find out who was coming.

The US State Department was monitoring Russell Means, as shown below.
The American Indian Movement's relationship with Libya also created alarm and accusations in the US State Department, as revealed in the cables.

Earlier, in 1973, the Six Nations Iroquois Confederation engaged the UN and responded to the request from Wounded Knee to serve as peace mediators during the Wounded Knee occupation. 

These words ring true today as the mainstream media presents a biased version of the real story in Palestine.
In January of 1974, the US State Department became alarmed when Soviet journalists were planning to travel to Minneapolis. The US tracked them to see if they were there to cover the trial of those who occupied Wounded Knee. Once again, the US feared the American Indian Movement's ability to gain global support and contacts. The US also tracked unfavorable news coverage on Indian and human rights issues published in other countries.
One Wikileaks document is from Geneva in 1977, the statement on Discrimination and Indigenous Rights, which also refers to the sterilization of women without consent. The cables also show that the US tracked comments of Russell Means regarding the sterilization of Indian women in the US without their consent.

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DiCaprio: What about donating to grassroots Native activists

Photo by Brenda Norrell

'Big Green' non-profit heads are making half a million annually, while many Native grassroots activists work without pay -- why not donate

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS

Heh DiCaprio,

It is great to see the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donating to so many good causes -- but the president of the Natural Resources Defense Council already makes $422,000 a year. Why not donate to some of the grassroots Native Americans who live on their homeland and fight the good fight everyday. They won't mind if you don't donate a million -- even $5,000 goes a long way with grassroots struggles. 

Just scroll back through Censored News over the past 10 years and you'll find plenty of Native Americans working without a salary. Below, I've listed a few regular contributors to Censored News. These are Native Americans who are unpaid or receive only small donations.

As for the 'Big Greens' on your donation list, these CEO salaries are hard to believe.

The CEO for Wildlife Conservation Society already receives $798,442 each year. The World Wildlife Fund CEO makes $637,686 each year. Meanwhile, over at Conservation International, the CEO is receiving $518,553 annually, according to Charity Navigator.

As for donating to National Geographic, Rupert Murdoch, upset over 'greenies' and the Paris climate summit, recently bought controlling interest in the National Geographic.

So, please consider donating to grassroots Native Americans:

Mohawk Nation News is among the most frequent contributors to Censored News.

Owe Aku International Justice Project: Lakotas fighting the good fight against tarsands and uranium mining

Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham, human rights at the border, exposing abuse by the US Border Patrol and militarization of the border.

Dine' on Big Mountain include Louise Benally. Louise and family have been resisting relocation for 40 years. An article of Louise's comments, censored by Indian Country Today, was among those leading to the creation of Censored News. Louise compared the war in Iraq with the Longest Walk of Dine' to the prison camp of Fort Sumner, N.M.

Louise Benally, 143 Leupp Road, Flagstaff, Ariz. 86004

Bahe Katenaay of Big Mountain was also censored by Indian Country. Bahe revealed how oil and gas drilling is destroying Dinetah, the Dine' place of Origin. Bahe currently publishes Sheep Dog Nation Rocks.

San Carlos Apache fighting Arizona Sen John McCain's land giveaway of sacred Oak Flat for copper mining

Outta Your Backpack Media: Indigenous news and video production. Special thanks to Klee Benally and the Native youths, based in Flagstaff, Arizona.

American Indian Genocide Museum, President Steve Melendez, Pyramid Lake Paiute

Joye Braun, Cheyenne River Lakota halting megaloads in her wheelchair.

Colville tribal member Yvonne Swan said, "I agree. It's not that difficult to hire a grassroots team to do the research. I've been involved in several grassroots efforts and we couldn't get any funding in the US because we could not hire a lawyer to get non-profit status. At the time, the action was more important than paperwork. I didn't appreciate the advice that created more work, we had enough to do. I got a $10,000 grant from a group of caring people in England to go against the Canadian government who disturbed our ancestral burial ground. I worked on that repatriation and land issue for five years and that's the only grant I got. But we secured the burial ground despite Canada and other adversaries. We could still use money to pay legal help, but, who cares?" (Contact Yvonne at Yvonne L. Swan, PO Box 49, Inchelium, WA 99138.)

To end on a high note, DiCaprio is donating to Digital Democracy, which has been training Indigenous in the Amazon to use technology in monitoring areas of oil and gas drilling.

Dicaprio Foundation donations for 2016

Amazon Watch – Biomimicry Institute – Bioneers – California Wolf Center: Pacific Wolf Coalition – ClearWater – Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund – Conservation International – Dark Snow – Digital Democracy – Earth Echo International – Empowered by Light – International Fund for Animal Welfare – National Geographic: Pristine Seas – Natural Resources Defense Council – Oceans 5 – Save The Elephants – Saving Species – Tetiaroa Society – The Conservation Land Trust – The Solutions Project – Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust – Tree People – Virunga Fund – WaterKeeper – Wildlife Conservation Network – Wildlife Conservation Society – World Wildlife Fund

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