Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

May 27, 2018

Mohawk Nation News 'Chucky Face of America'


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MNN. May 27, 2018. Chucky, the Killer Doll, was asked, “Why do you kill?” He answered, “It’s a hobby. It helps me to relax”. She asked, “Am I going to be a killer?” Chucky answered, “Of course! It’s been a family tradition for generations.” She asked, “But violence is bad. Isn’t it? We have a problem with killing.”  Chucky commented, “We don’t have a problem with killing. I like a little killing now and then. What’s wrong with that? Killing is an addiction like any other drug.” Question, “Chucky, quit right now. Go cold turkey!” Chucky replies, “You have got to be kidding!” Read article:

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