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May 30, 2018

Searching for a Signal: Spirit Resistance Radio on Dineh and Hopi Lands

Found the Connection, Searching for a Signal, Dilkon
Spirit Resistance Radio on Dineh and Hopi Lands

(Photo above) Govinda searching for a signal for Spirit Resistance Radio at Dilkon
on the Navajo Nation, as we prepare to broadcast live Dine'
CARE's Peoples Convention and 30 Year Anniversary.
Wonderful to back in the Homelands!

Dilkon, Navajo Nation

Dilkon, Navajo Nation

Outside Dilkon Chapter House today.

Photos by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Please join us Friday through Sunday, June 1 -- 3, 2018, as we share the voices of the people at Dine' CARE's People Convention in Dilkon.
Convention begins with registration and setting up camps on Friday at noon, with speakers at 4 pm.
Full day of great speakers all day Saturday, and on Sunday morning.

Today we are also on the Hopi Nation as well. We are not taking photos on Hopiland, out of respect for Hopi law.

Censored News and Spirit Resistance Radio have no advertising or grants. Small donations help cover our travel costs:

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Jenny Burnstad said...

Starkly beautiful. Looks like it might be warm, too. May this 30th Anniversary be a joyful, fruitful gathering for all.