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April 10, 2019

U.S. Spy Trucks Target Indigenous on Border. Border Patrol Should Turn Cameras on Itself.

(Above photo by Lori Simmons)
Spy truck now on Texas border where Indigenous Peoples are defending a burial place and the National Butterfly Center from the border wall being pushed by the Ultra White Supremacist placed in the presidency.

U.S. Spy Trucks Target Indigenous on Border. U.S. Border Patrol Should Turn Cameras on Itself.

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News
The US Border Patrol should turn its cameras on itself. An agent was recently arrested smuggling drugs on to the Tohono O'odham Nation at Sasabe, Arizona.
 Instead the United States spies on Native people all along the border. The video spy camera trucks shown here target Indigenous People.
In the photo above, this spy truck is at McAllen, Texas, in the area where Native people are resisting the border wall, and defending the National Butterfly Center.
Below you can see one of the United Stares' spy trucks --  on Tohono O'odham Nation sovereign land -- spying into a traditional O'odham woman's home.
One Border Patrol agent on Tohono O'odham Nation has been identified as a US Border Patrol agent in Special Operations, special ops, based in El Paso. The agent pulled a gun on an O'odham woman when she told him to leave.
Along with the mobil U.S. spy trucks, now Israeli spy towers are planned by U.S. Homeland Security for sovereign Tohono O'odham Nation land. Gu-Vo District is opposing the towers which would destroy burial places and endanger the fragile desert and wildlife.
The U.S. contract is with Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor responsible for Apartheid border security in Palestine, and known around the world for human rights violations.

Article copyright Brenda Norrell. Photos copyright by photographers, names withheld here.

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