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March 17, 2023

Indian Country Welcomes Apache Stronghold Convoy Headed to Federal Court

Apache Stronghold Convoy

Apache Wendsler Nosie greets Preston Arrow-weed, Quechan

Quechan Blessings and Prayer, Apache Stronghold Convoy, Day 4

Quechan Indian Community and Tribal leaders stand with Apache Stronghold to Protect Oak Flat. March 15, 2023. Photos by Steve Pavey and Báásé Pike.

"Powerful Presentation tonight, March 14, 2023. All of Our Spirituality is at stake! We must stay connected spiritually to our mother. Meeting with Quechan Tribal Council, Ft. Yuma, Quechan," Apache Stronghold said.

"Sherman Indian School welcomes the Apache Stronghold on the spiritual convoy to the 9th Circuit Court. Our next generation of young people are powerful and will continue on the teachings of our ancestors," Sherman Indian School said today, Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Sherman Indian School welcomes Apache Stronghold Convoy on Thursday.

Sherman Indian School

Brophy Native American Club, and Xavier College Prep, in Flagstaff, Arizona, welcomed Apache Stronghold. "Today we were blessed to host the Apache Stronghold to pray together for the protection of Oak Flat as they journey to speak truth to the 9th circuit court. Blessings on your journey!"

Apache Stronghold Convoy began in Tucson on Sunday

Teyana Viscarra

SUNDAY 6am Eaton Canyon to Hahamongna
Calling in our Mountain Running Community
Native, Non-Native, everyone who honors the land.
Runners will offer Prayers concluding at Hohamongna (see directions JPL Riparian Zone)
We will join Apache Stronghold
a coalition of Apaches, Intertribal, and Non-Native allies dedicated to stopping the destruction of Oak Flat;
obliviating this Ceremonial Holy Land of the Apache People.
Oak Flat is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been protected for decades. In 2014 after being snuck into a must-pass bill, the Government ordered Oak Flat to be given to Resolution Copper, a foreign-owned mining company that plans to desecrate this Sacred Site and create a 2-mile wide 11,000 ft deep crater.
Beginning March 12, 2023, Apache Stronghold began a Spiritual Convoy from Oak Flat offering Prayers on their journey to Los Angeles in a Court hearing with their Legal Council to open the hearts protecting Oak Flat from Resolution Copper, Rio Tinto Mining Company.
This Critical case sets precedence for how we stop the devastation of our Mother Earth while protecting the sustainability of all Life, Water, Earth, and Air.
What happens here will determine how all our Sacred Sites, Holy Places, will be treated over the generations to come impacting the unborn of our future… of ALL PEOPLE.
On Tues, March 21st at Pasadena Supreme Courthouse, Apache Stronghold will appear to protect Oak Flat in an unprecedented 9th Circuit Court of Appeals; Eleven judges.
Let’s gather to end the persecution of Indigenous Spirituality, Culture and Lifeways.
More Information to come
DM Teyana Viscarra or Norm Sands
Way of the Sacred Mountain 
Apache Stronghold

Read More: Federal court to rehear Apache Stronghold case to protect Oak Flat from Resolution Copper mine in Arizona. Watch live from San Francisco federal court on Tuesday.

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Photos courtesy  Steve Pavey and Báásé Pike of Apache Stronghold and Brophy Native American Club in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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