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March 8, 2023

The Red Nation: John Redhouse remembers Larry Casuse

The Red Nation: Special Episode Melanie Yazzie in conversation with John Redhouse on the Larry Casuse Day of Remembrance. Red Power Hour co-host Melanie Yazzie, Dine', speaks with John Redhouse as part of the "Larry Casuse: A Day of Remembrance," co-sponsored by UNM’s American Studies department, in partnership with the Institute for American Indian Research. "You really have to show up," says Melanie Yazzie of resistance and revolution. "You really can move mountains."

The Red Nation: John Redhouse remembers Larry Casuse

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

John Redhouse, Dine', remembers Larry Casuse, Dine', and the movement for the people which Larry sacrificed his life for.

Larry had a "certain light around him," John remembers. Larry was a rising star and a leader. "He was a leading voice," John said, remembering Larry as a voice against the exploitation by the Gallup Ceremonial and Peabody Coal mining on Black Mesa, which the Navajo government had sold out to. Even back then, Larry spoke of the need for solar and wind as energy sources.

"When your back is against the wall, you have to fight back," John said. It is necessary to strike back like a snake to defend the sacred.

John remembers the battles against exploitation, and the fight to defend Big Mountain. Speaking of Navajo resistance, John said Dine' fought the enemies -- Spanish, Mexicans and Americans -- for over 300 years. "They took up arms, we took up arms. You do what you have to do."

"You have to take desperate action, you do that because you care about your people, love your people. We will fight to the death to ensure a better life for the people, that's what it is all about."

In March of 1973, at the same time that Larry was shot and killed by police in Gallup, New Mexico, the stand was just beginning at Wounded Knee, and the battle accelerated against racism and the targeted murder of Native people by whites, especially in border towns.

John describes how the movement for the sacred took down the arrogant Gallup Mayor Emmett Garcia, who eventually left the border town in shame.

"The death and destruction were going on too long."

Listen to all of John's words and watch the video edition on The Red Nation Podcast YouTube channel

Larry Casuse, a young man, and an activist took the mayor of Gallup, Emmett Garcia, hostage on March 1, 1973. After an hours-long standoff, Larry was killed when police opened fire on the building where he stood.

Protest in Albuquerque over the police shooting of Larry Casuse 1973.


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