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June 2, 2023

Foreign Mining Giants Enter Legal Fight to Destroy Oak Flat

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Apache Stronghold at Gathering of Eagles meeting at Lummi Nation, Washington uniting indigenous wisdom and knowledge keepers facing the world’s climate crisis for future generations.

Foreign Mining Giants Enter Legal Fight to Destroy Oak Flat

United States government teams up with Rio Tinto to destroy Native sacred site  

By Apache Stronghold
Censored News

A federal court yesterday ruled that Resolution Copper, a joint venture owned by the world’s two largest mining corporations, Rio Tinto and BHP, could join a federal lawsuit alongside the United States government in its ongoing attempt to destroy Oak Flat, an ancient Apache sacred site in Arizona. The court said that Apache Stronghold, by seeking to protect Oak Flat, “is challenging a government action that would redound specifically to the benefit of Resolution [Copper],” and that Resolution Copper must be permitted to pursue its “private, profit-oriented” interest in the case.  

The ruling comes just three years after Rio Tinto sparked international outrage by deliberately destroying 46,000-year-old indigenous rock shelters at one of Australia’s most significant cultural sites. In a scathing report, the Australian Parliament found that  “Rio knew the value of what they were destroying but blew it up anyway.” 

Dr. Wendsler Nosie Sr. of Apache Stronghold offered the following statement:  

“The United States is required to be responsible and have a trust relationship with us, the Native people of this land. Any disagreement between us would be resolved between the United States and us, the Apaches. Where I am disappointed is they brought in two foreign mining companies to battle us. What that simply tells me is who is in control. 

“We are in a suit against the United States for their responsibilities with the  American people, Native people, and the responsibilities that they are not living up to. Resolution Copper does not care about us, they have destroyed the world,  people have suffered, land has been exploited regardless of its sacredness and now the U.S. Government is siding against us with them. 

“Now it’s official the United States Government has allowed two powerful foreign mining companies to battle the oldest religion in North America (turtle island).  This is clearly seen as an invasion allowed by the United States; by using its tactics to wipe its hands clean and have Rio Tinto and BHP come to the forefront to destroy the oldest religion. What they fail to clearly understand is it is a war against evil.

“What this tells me is the United States and Congress, who are responsible to control the resources of this country and the threat of over-capitalism and colonization, want to enrich this foreign corporation that is aiming at this country’s resources and ungoverned corporate greed. We call on all Americans to  join us to protect the land, water, and religion, against this foreign invasion.” 

Apache Stronghold’s lawsuit is currently under consideration by a full panel of eleven judges in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, with a decision expected within months. (Watch this short video to learn more).

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