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June 30, 2023

Lakota Language Advocate Prevails in Attack on Teaching License


Lakota Language Advocate Prevails in Attack on Teaching License

Austrian and Czech heads of the Lakota Language Consortium were unable to take away the teaching license of Ray Taken Alive, Lakota language teacher. The LLC was already banned by the Standing Rock Lakota Nation in North Dakota. LLC believes it owns the images and words of Lakotas, including Ray's grandmother. Read the statement just released by Ray's attorneys Big Fire. Ray had to raise funds after LLC went after his license in an effort to silence him.

Ray said, "In 2020, My Grandmother, Delores Taken Alive, passed away from Covid and since then we’ve been working to reclaim all rights to her Lakota language materials from the Lakota Language Consortium (LLC). The LLC Board Chairman, Wilhelm Meya, is of Austrian descent and receives a salary of over 6 figures selling our language, including materials that belong to my Grandmother ... They have wielded the power of 'copyright' over me twice by accusing me, a Lakota language instructor, of copyright infringement."

The Standing Rock Lakota Nation banned both LLC and the Language Conservancy. Meya, an Austrian who lives in Indiana, has a salary is $137,000 at LLC, and $90,000 at the Language Conservancy. The non-profit tax documents are at ProPublica. Big Fire attorneys said Meya's non-profits are also doing work related to Apache, Crow, Northern Cheyenne, Gwich'in, Ojibwe, and Quechan languages. -- Censored News.


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Audio in court -- Lakota Language Consortium's Jan Ullrich, Czech, said in court he was made a Lakota's son. LLC failed to take away Lakota language teacher Ray Eugene Taken Alive's teaching license yesterday. Listen, in court: Did Lakotas know what they were signing when LLC had them sign documents. LLC, banned by Standing Rock Nation, is claiming copyrights to Lakota language and selling books. It is operated by an Austrian and Czech.
Ray Eugene TakenAlive said of the audio: "Jan Ullrich, SD Hearing.
Listen to Ullrich speak about waivers and copyrights.
Big Fire gave the Tribes a case for them to reclaim their language rights back gift wrapped in a bow (if they want it).
All opinions expressed herein are those of Ray Eugene Taken Alive and do not express opinions or beliefs of the McLaughlin School District."

NBC News: 'Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language, then he tried to sell it back to them'

Top image: Fundrazr for legal fees

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