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September 18, 2023

New York: The Great March on Wall Street is Underway: 120 Climate Defenders Arrested So Far in Front of Federal Reserve

                      The Great March on Wall Street is Underway
Now! "Arrest the real criminals!" the voices echoed. Police loudspeaker: "Since you have refused to disperse, you will be arrested." Climate Defenders now. "We want a future." Young people in action.

"Lock it down!" the voices call out. The sign says, "Scientists to Biden: End Fossil Fuels" Now in New York

Now in Manhattan: Mass arrests of climate activists on Wall Street, Manhattan, New York. Follow Climate Defenders on Twitter/X

New York Communities for Change said the Federal Reserve is shut down after more than 1,000 "people are hitting the streets in Wall Street in the pouring rain to demand that the banks stop financing fossil fuels. We’re in the belly of the beast and we’re about to shut it down."

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