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September 28, 2023

O'odham Rights -- Fresh Food Deliver to Tohono O'odham Elders

Stalked by the US Border Patrol while delivering food to O'odham elderly in the border region.
Photo copyright Ofelia Rivas

Fresh fruits and vegetables being delivered this week by Ofelia Rivas and her brother to Tohono O'odham elderly. O'odham lands are on both sides of what is known as the Arizona border. Photo by Ofelia Rivas.

O'odham Rights -- Fresh Food Deliver to Tohono O'odham Elders

By Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham
O'odham Voice Against the Wall
Censored News

Delivery of food to Elders and young families is an honor. An Elder said we had no potatoes to cook yesterday and she smiles at the red potatoes and onions. We sat under a very shady small tree while she told me about her life story since our last visit.

Fresh peaches, apples, and grapefruits are a welcome luxury to most people on a fixed income. She said by the time you pay the water and electric and other bills we buy our staples and hopefully they'll last until next month.

My brother and I have been delivering food for years. We know our people welcome the food and there are people who use everything and do not waste. I highly protect our Elders and do not reveal where they live and who they are.

All our efforts are funded by my personal gas funds. Any donations are appreciated.

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O'odham land Photo by Oflelia Rivas

Food delivery photo by Ofelia Rivas

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