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September 30, 2023

'Shut Down Elbit' in Roanoke, Virginia

'Shut Down Elbit' in Roanoke, Virginia, by Appalachians Against Pipelines

Today, Elbit Systems, the Israeli defense contractor, was protested in Roanoke, Virginia on Friday. Human rights defenders around the world -- from the UK and Boston, Massachusetts, to Australia -- are demanding a shutdown of corporations manufacturing Elbit's drones, surveillance, and weapons used against Palestinians. On the Tohono O'odham Nation, Elbit built the 11 spy towers that now allow the crime-infested U.S. Border Patrol to stalk vulnerable O'odham at their homes on the Tohono O'odham Nation, on the Arizona border. -- Censored News

Appalachians Against Pipelines

Rally outside of Elbit Systems in Roanoke today! Elbit is Israel’s largest weapons manufacturer - therefore directly contributing to the current genocide. “Elbit’s tech enables the destruction of families,” explained one person at the rally. “From children bombed and murdered in Gaza, to detained and stolen migrant children on the US border.”
Over 25 people gathered outside of Elbit this morning to demand a ceasefire in Palestine and draw attention to this weapons manufacturer right in our backyard. Another person at the event stated: “Living in the belly of the empire means we have a duty to intervene as the United States funds and arms genocide. We must continually rise up and fight back until Palestine is free!”
“We don’t support war crimes, we don’t support war in general,” a third person said. “We are here because people down the street from us are supplying killers and we want them to stop killing children.”
Roanoke to Palestine, we won’t stand for genocide! No pipelines, no prisons, no genocide.

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