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October 27, 2023

Targeting Buffy Sainte Marie: The Genocide Makers Have a New War to Promote

Targeting Buffy Sainte Marie: The Genocide Makers Have a New War to Promote

Buffy says, "I know who I am"

"For 60 years, I’ve shared my story with the world as honestly as I know how. I am humbled my truth is one so many others have connected with. Unfortunately, some wish to question my truth. So here it is - as I know it. From me to you. Big love, Buffy"

Buffy Targeted by the Genocide Makers

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News

It comes as no surprise that Buffy Sainte Marie is targeted by the genocide-makers. Buffy was blacklisted out of the music business in the US by President Johnson because of her stance against the Vietnam War, and her song 'Universal Soldier.'

Today, the genocide makers -- Canada, the US, and the UK -- have a new war to promote, the genocide in Palestine, in their endless wars killing millions of innocent people.

The genocide makers depend on a morally bankrupt and corrupt media. They attack those who speak out against war.

It is also no surprise that this attack on Buffy comes after the Mohawk Mothers, at Mohawk Nation News, published Buffy's anti-war video.

The Mohawk Mothers are exposing the U.S. CIA torture site in Montreal, Canada, and the need to search the grounds of the hospital at McGill University for Native children who may have been victims of MK Ultra torture and mind control experiments.

In an interview censored by Indian Country Today for seven years, backstage at Dine' College in 1999, Buffy described being blacklisted out of the music business by President Lyndon Johnson.

"I found out ten years later, in the 1980s, that Lyndon Johnson had been writing letters on White House stationary praising radio stations for suppressing my music," Buffy told reporters.

Only a portion of the article was published seven years later, shortly before I was terminated as a staff writer at Indian Country Today. The censorship at Indian Country Today, after it was sold to new owners in the late 1990s, was the reason that I created Censored News in 2006.

My Truth as I Know

By Buffy Sainte Marie
Oct. 26, 2023

It is with great sadness, and a heavy heart, that I am forced to respond to deeply hurtful allegations that I expect will be reported in the media soon. Last month, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, contacted me to question my identity and the sexual assault I experienced as a child.

To relive those times, and revisit questions I made peace with decades ago, has been beyond traumatic. But I know I owe it to those I love, and those who support me, to respond.

I am proud of my Indigenous-American identity, and the deep ties I have to Canada and my Piapot family.

What I know about my Indigenous ancestry I learned from my growing up mother, who was part Mi’kmaq, and my own research later in life. My mother told me many things, including that I was adopted and that I was Native, but there was no documentation as was common for Indigenous children born in the 1940’s.

Later in my life, as an adult, she told me some things I have never shared out of respect for her that I hate sharing now, including that I may have been born on “the wrong side of the blanket”. This was her story to tell, not mine.

As a young adult, I was adopted by Emile Piapot (son of Chief Piapot, Treaty 4 Adhesion signatory), and Clara Starblanket Piapot (daughter of Chief Starblanket, Treaty 4 signatory), in accordance with Cree law and customs. They were kind, loving, and proud to claim me as their own. I love my Piapot family and am so lucky to have them in my life. I have always struggled to answer questions about who I am. 

For a long time, I tried to discover information about my background. In the interest of transparency, I’m making public a sworn affidavit from my former lawyer detailing those findings. Through that research what became clear, and what I’ve always been honest about, is that I don’t know where I’m from or who my birth parents were, and I will never know.

Which is why, to be questioned in this way today is painful, both for me, and for my two families I love so dearly.

My Indigenous identity is rooted in a deep connection to a community which has had a profound role in shaping my life and my work.

For my entire life, I have championed Indigenous, and Native American causes when nobody else would, or had the platform to do so. I am proud to have been able to speak up for Indigenous issues.

I have always tried to bridge gaps between communities and educate people to live in love and kindness.

This is my truth. And while there are many things I do not know; I have been proud to honestly share my story throughout my life.

Painfully, the CBC has also forced me to relive and defend my experience as a survivor of sexual abuse which I endured at the hands of my brother, as well as another family member – whom I have never publicly named.

I could never forget these violations. It is something I have lived with all my life. Speaking about my experience is difficult, and although I have shared privately, I have rarely done so publicly. I’ve spoken up because I know others cannot, and to have this questioned and sensationalized by Canada’s public broadcaster is appalling.

While these questions have hurt me, I know they will also hurt those I love. My family. My friends. And all those who have seen themselves in my story. All I can say is what I know to be true: I know who I love, I know who loves me. And I know who claims me.

I may not know where I was born, but I know who I am. Buffy Sainte-Marie

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