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October 20, 2023

U.S. Shamed Globally as Promoter of Genocide: Children Die in Palestine as Humanitarian Aid Waits at Border

Another hospital in Palestine, full of patients, women, and children, prepares to be bombed by Israel

PRCS, Palestine Red Crescent Society, humanitarian aid:

Urgent Appeal PRCS faces an imminent threat. The IOF demands the evacuation of Al-Quds Hospital, a sanctuary for over 400 patients and around 12,000 displaced civilians.

We call on the international community to act urgently, averting another catastrophe like Al-Ahli Hospital.

U.S. Shamed Globally as Promoter of Genocide: Children Die in Palestine as Humanitarian Aid Waits at Border

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News

Watching a plane on flight radar, it is Russia's emergency services, which was in Egypt. Russia delivered 27 tons of humanitarian aid in Egypt, but the border crossing at Rafah, Egypt, to Gaza, remains closed. A crowd is trying to push their way through with humanitarian aid. Doctors who have survived the bombings in Palestine are using vinegar, instead of antibacterials, to treat the wounded in hospitals.

Badly injured children, bleeding and burned, cry out for their mothers who have been killed, and many remain below the rubble. These horrific images are on Twitter. The people are screaming into CNN cameras to leave. CNN’s Sara Sidner is confronted by someone in the West Bank, who shouts: “You are genocide supporters! You are not welcome here! Genocide supporters! F--k CNN!”

Defense for Children said today:

GAZA UPDATE: 1,661 Palestinian children are confirmed killed by the Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip since October 7, according to the Ministry of Health. More than 4,000 Palestinian children are injured and hundreds are still missing under the rubble.

Twitter doesn't want you to know about this. Palestine Action launched a new Palestine Action US to Shut Down Elbit. Elbit Systems, the defense contractor based in Israel, built the spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation, and all along the Arizona border. If you click on 'follow,' and refresh your browser at Twitter, you'll see you are no longer 'following' this new Twitter account. The Shut Down Elbit campaign just began in the U.S. In England, activists have been shutting down Elbit manufacturers of weaponized drones and machines of death. The drones, weapons and surveillance are used now by Israel to kill Palestinians.

Below: Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems built the 11 spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation, which now allows the US Border Patrol to stalk vulnerable O'odham. US Border Patrol agents have been charged with murder, serial rape, assault, kidnapping, drug running and spotting for the cartels, all along the southern US border.

The Intercept reports on the US government's complicity with genocide and holding the U.S. responsible for the support of war crimes. 

Meanwhile, flight radar shows Air Force planes from countries around the world arriving in Israel, apparently evacuating foreign nationals. For Palestinians, there are no evacuation flights. They are trapped, and being bombed and killed in places where they are seeking refuge -- hospitals, mosques, and the UN school.

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