Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

October 2, 2023

New! Music Video 'Garden of Eden' Resisting the Appalachia Pipeline by Michelle Lynn

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Attention Indigenous Music Lovers and Human Rights Defenders! Official Music Video for “Garden of Eden.” The single “Garden of Eden” is performed by Michelle Lynn (Dineh/Appalachian), filmed by Teena Pugliese featuring Marcus-Briggs Cloud (Maskoke), Marca Cassity (Osage), and Micheal Paul-Hill (Apache). “Garden of Eden” is a spiritual song collectively performed and recorded in various places on Turtle Island (within the continental U.S.) by Indigenous artists and Appalachian artists to honor beloved Mountain Defenders and Water Protectors opposing the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) through the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests in Appalachia. Artist Michelle also served in resistance of the DAPL Pipeline at Standing Rock and is inspired by communing relations of Humans, Nature, Elementals and all beings to exist in natural remembrance as solidarity for the Life of All in all of us.

Garden of Eden Credits: Produced by Michelle Lynn and Andrew Slater Michelle Lynn (Dineh/Appalachian) Songwriter, Vocals, Choreography, Costume Design, Concept, and Art Director Jefferson National Forest, Co-Writer Marcus Briggs-Cloud, (Maskoke), Vocals, Co-Songwriter Marca Cassity, (Osage), BGVs Micheal Paul Hill, (Nde/Apache) BGVs Andrew Slater, (Appalachian) Music Arrangement, Programming, Recording, and Mixing Kate Altizer, (Appalachian) Piano Drake Hardin, Recording Mat Leffler-Schulman, Mastering Teena Pugilese, Film Maker, Light Machine Productions Thank you Water, Caves, Animals, Mountains, Streams, and the Spirit of the Mountains! Learn More: About the Mountain Valley Pipeline here: Appalachians Against Pipelines: Released: October 2, 2023, BMI: Copyright: ++Mothman Studios LLC++ Youtube Music:    • Garden of Eden (feat. Marcus Briggs-C...   Youtube: @MichelleLynn-ow1fm Youtube:    • Garden of Eden   Spotify: Apple Music: Follow Michelle Lynn: Facebook: Website: Garden of Eden (Lyrics/Translations) I found myself in the Garden of Eden When I walked beside the river, When I put my head, Down to the ground, I heard a wonderous sound. Oh the Angels they were all around me Thunderbeings in the sky And the Ancestors they walked on the water, To protect the righteous ones I will stand, Stand like a mountain I will stand for water is life I will stand Because I am the mountain I’ll stand for water is life Vnokeckv omecicen (Because of love) Vtotkepet fulleyvres (We’ll go around doing the work) Eyasketv eteroptten (Through being humble) Setemvnicakvres (We’ll help each other) Pum Vculvke nak pum onahoyvte (What the Ancestors told us) Fvccvn okakvtes (It is the truth) Vtotketv mehenwuse espunwihokvten (The sacred work they left unto us) Sofvcficvraneyatvlke (Is what we have to fulfill)

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