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February 17, 2024

Celebrating the Ward Valley Victory in Photos 2024

Celebrating the Victory at Ward Valley 26 Years Ago: Halting a Nuclear Waste Dump and Protecting the Desert Tortoise, Ancient Running Trails, and the Mojave Desert
Photos by Greenaction, Feb. 17, 2024


Honoring Life: Photo by Molly Johnson at Ward Valley on Saturday

"Here is a reminder that Ward Valley is a very sacred place. This is Jane Williams and I placing the Memorial Wreath at Stormy William's grave (Jane's mom.) Also resting with Stormy are Phil Klasky and Ward Young. The grandson of Preston Arrowweed rests behind us." -- Molly Johnson
The Ward Valley Victory Series at Censored News

The Rhythmic Journey Home: Birdsingers ensured victory at Ward Valley
Mojave Steve Lopez: Ward Valley halted Nuclear Genocide, Poisoning of Colorado River
The Desert Tortoise on Sacred Land, Celebrating the 20-Year Victory at Ward Valley
Celebrating Victory at Ward Valley: Corbin Harney 'Sing to the Water'
Laguna Pueblo Dorothy Purley Exposed Nuclear Holocaust on Native Lands. Featured in widely-censored Trespassing film to be shown at Ward Valley Celebration, Feb. 23-24, 2018.

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