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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Derechos Humanos: Stop the Raids!

Please try to support this response to the repressive raids that have been sweeping our communities!
Media Contacts: Lina Guerra: (520)-204-6929
Tochtli Barrios



The US government continues targeting migrant communities. Nationally, raids have abducted, kidnapped, and detained a record 26,500 people across the United States by federal authorities (source: Washington- AFP, 2/18/07). This is not acceptable! Families are separated and communities are living in fear and terror.

Along the US-Mexico border, in Fiscal Year 2005, there were a record-breaking 473 migrant deaths at the US-Mexico border; over 260 were on the Arizona border (source: Migration Information Source). O n January 13, 2007, 22 year-old Francisco Dominguez of Puebla, Mexico, was shot to death by an unidentified Border Patrol agent in Naco, AZ. (source: Tucson Citizen)

We are witnessing heightened repression and violence against our communities. These are not isolated events, but rather part of a systematic, nationally coordinated effort to terrorize migrant communities. We do not accept these attacks!

We are holding a press conference denouncing all raids and murders!

Stop the Raids!
Border Patrol out of our Communities!
Press Conference
Who: Land and Freedom Organization
Date: Wednesday March 14th
Time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Place: Rudy Garcia Park (6th Ave. & Irvington ) Tucson, AZ

· an immediate end to all raids, kidnappings, deportations, and murders of our people!
· the release of all migrant prisoners and the dismantling of all immigration detention centers!
· an end to border militarization! We call for the withdrawal of all border patrol, homeland security, and armed forces from the US-Mexico border!

Tierra y Libertad / Land and Freedom:
Alto a las Redadas!
¡Migra fuera de nuestras Comunidades! Conferencia de Prensa:
Miercoles 14 de Marzo
6 p.m. a 7 p.m.
Lugar: Parque Rudy Garcia (6th Ave. & Irvington) Tucson, AZ

Recientes redadas de inmigración y asesinatos en la frontera continuan aterrorizando a nuestra comunidad y separando a nuestras familias.

· un alto inmediato a las redadas, secuestros, deportaciones, y asesinatos de nuestra gente!
· la libertad de todos los migrantes detenidos y el cierre de cada centro de detención!
· un alto a la militarización de la frontera!

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